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Energy healing, intuitive guidance, oracle cards

Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

October Notes From Leanne

Wow, I am still feeling the affects of all the shifts going on. So much for 2012 being the big year of shift. As I suspected last year, it was the kick off for this year. Personally I am still facing fears, looking for clarity and asking for help from sources bigger than me to make it through. I am not asking for help because I think I won't make it through. I am asking because I know there is more to life than struggle and I would like to allow myself to move into this release cycle rather than resist it. Easier said than done for all of us, so it helps to ask for help. 

My advice to anyone feeling disrupted in their peaceful state of being is to hang in there. Ask for this low period to show you what you are trying to expand into. Ask it to help you find clarity rather than bury yourself in victim energy to avoid it. Ask to see what you are trying to learn and then trust what you are seeing in your life as the answer.  

If you aren't experiencing any known clearing or growth right now, that is okay too. We do these shifts in waves so that some can go ahead to clear space for the next wave. If we were all struggling at once we might go mad together. Use this time to nurture yourself and embrace the things you are grateful in life. Honor your successes and the things you want more of. It is a grate act of rejuvenation. 

I look forward to November as we move into the gratitude time of year and reflect on all that has happened in 2013. Toward the end of the month we begin to finally release the experiences of the year to make room for the next year to come.   December we will set some intentions about 2014.