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Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

February Blog

The beginning of January started off a little rough. The energies of 2013 hadn't shaken themselves off yet. However, towards the end of the month I started to see what the guides have been telling me about the power of 2014. People are beginning to ask themselves the hard questions of who they want to be on the deeper level and actually getting there. 

This excites me, because I am in the business of soul growth. This is wonderful to see people begin to shift into who they really came here to be and allowing it to show up in their lives. I hope to see more of it. 

Of course these kinds of changes don't come without challenges. That is just the way we do it! I wrote a blog sometime back about the gift of challenges... it is here if you want to be reminded. But the bottom line is, we use friction of challenges to get us to ask the next level of questions for ourselves. We dig deeper because we are trying to find the source of the struggle. Some of the struggles I am seeing right now relate to job changes, relationship shifts and the fear of failure. Sound familiar? 

Personally my decision to get a new office space still lies on the table. About half my clients are not even in the state, so I am still trying to figure out the plans. So stay tuned on that one.

I am shifting into learning more about how to let go of power struggles with my almost 13 year old. This is a hard one for me. I can see the path that would be helpful and he is in the stage of "back off, I got this". So I am learning to zip my lip and let it be. 

My participation in the yoga class has been teaching me amazing things about how energy works in the physical body. I knew this stuff theoretically, but it is so fun to watch the power of yoga transform the energy system. I published a recent Hub Page on this if you are interested in reading it. 

I am excite for this year and look forward to the gifts it brings. I am always open for questions, suggestions and discussion on my Facebook page if you want to chat more.

One has just to be oneself. That’s my basic message. The moment you accept yourself as you are, all burdens, all mountainous burdens simply disappear. Then life is a sheer joy, a festival of lights.
— Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh