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Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

How I got started, reading for other people.

People are always asking me "how did you get started in the psychic work?". So I thought I would blog about it so it would forever be documented. I have always kind of had insight, but I never knew how to use it on purpose. I have several crazy stories where I knew something has happened before I could have known it did. That was the first door...

Then in 2006 my husband and I had a major trauma in our relationship. He didn't live with the family for five months and he kept doing things that injured the relationship even further, all the while saying he wanted the relationship to work. I started seriously asking for help from the universe. I had watched "The Secret"  and knew about the law of attraction, but I was asking for more help from the universe on what I should do. I also turned to the book Radical Forgiveness to understand things further. 

I truly thought that this couldn't just be my way of living the victim. I wanted to know why I had gotten so unconscious and didn't see this relationship trouble coming (literally telling people a couple weeks before how lucky I was in love). I wanted to know what I had been missing. I thought I had done everything "right" so why was it still going off course?!

I started getting answers...slowly at first. Little things...books, friends, t.v. shows, etc. Oprah had "The Seat of the Soul" on her show...I listened to that audio book while I walked my oldest to school. My husband and I just had another blow to our relationship and I was listening to how the universe is teaching us lessons. That we need to accept the wrongs people do to us as lessons...even "Gifts"!

I threw out in my mind "you have got to be kidding!".

The book continued on to say, if we choose not to run higher frequency emotions (happiness, love) we just keep bringing us lower.

As this is happening I saw a woman out on the path (this was January with a lot of ice and snow), with three kids, looking on the ground. I asked her what she was looking for and she said she lost her diamond earring while jogging earlier that day. She knew she lost it somewhere around there, but there was so much snow and ice, she couldn't find it.

I kept walking my son to school and dropped him off. By the time I returned to the path she was gone, but I knew, she left without her earring. So in my mind I spoke to the universe "Okay, if I am suppose to go with the flow and accept all that is happening to me as a gift, please let me find this woman's earring, WITHOUT EFFORT, just for the sake of helping another soul out. I will take it as a sign to keep going on my path of self discover." 

Well, I thought in my mind I wasn't going to look for this thing. I was just going to walk and if I happened to see it, that would be my answer. Well...guess what?! Major life break for me...all over an easily found diamond earring! When I walked by, it was right there for me to find. I was so excited!

The universe had answered me.

Of course I didn't know her or know how to tell her I found it. So, I put a sign in the snow that said "I found your earring, call me 303-". She called later that day almost in tears and said she had gone out with some friends to look some more and saw my note.

From then on, I was LISTENING. I asked the universe for answers and listened with the purest confidence I would get the answer I needed, even if it felt wrong. That was the second door I opened.

Finally, as we are piecing our relationship back together (my husband and I), we decided we both needed our own, healthy hobbies. Something that gives us time to ourselves without responsibilities. But I could not figure out what that would I asked. That next day Matt and I had a date and went to the oxygen bar I now work at. The bartender there did a reading for me and told me he could see me doing his line of work. I asked him "how does one become a psychic bartender" and he told me about Psychic Horizons.

I went home, looked it up, classes started the very next week. From there, it has just been as easy as ever. Door number three! The classes were helpful, but now that I know how to do it, I can do things I haven't been taught (in this lifetime). It is quite interesting and exciting. I am so relieved I found it and just continue to journey through all of this. It is kind of like a fun, friendly maze. Sometimes you hit road blocks, but only to discover a hidden treasure.

As I am "reopening" my awareness, information is easily coming to me. I feel more at peace and assured I have all that I need, at any given time. Even the rocky stuff! I also know we all have divinity within us and I am not the only one with this ability. Everyone can do it, some just seem to be able to do it faster than others. So my ultimate goal is to show others their way in the light of the universe and hopefully lead many more to discover their own intuition.

With love and service to the "greater good" at heart, I am giving other's readings, insight, and inspirations to help bring higher awareness to everyone I meet. I hope to help other's find their diamond earring.