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Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

Just have a little fun, would ya?!

Now this isn't one of those blogs where I am going to tell you to be happy with what you have and just get over wanting more. In fact... I realize the desire for something to be different, is what motivates most of us to keep trying so hard. However, some of this stuff is meant to be easy. It is our own resistance to having fun and enjoying ourselves that keeps it from being so. My inspiration for you this week is to do more things you enjoy in life! When you do more of what you love, your energy flows in a positive direction. You get more of what you want in life, you are happier, easier to be around, and just more open for your lot in life. This is not to say you don't have to do things you may not want to. But even that, notice what energy you put into. If you resentfully clean your house, you are promptly filling your house with resentment. Chances are... whom ever you cleaned for will even resent you for it. This is true for all you do. 

Here are some of the reasons I see people not doing what they find fun. First of all, some people are so blocked they don't even know what FUN is for them. I have been there... if you have this problem the first thing to do is start asking. Then just start to notice... and don't say not to any opprotunity to have fun. Once you ask.. the universe will present you with fun. You just have to accept it.  Another reason people are blocked is because they think people around them expect them to be busy, responsible, miserable... I have been there too. Trust me, people like you more when you have "me" time. They may not know it at first, but you just have to show them how much more FUN you will be when you get to remember what FUN is. 

Yet another reson people are blocked, that I have noticed, is  beause they are afriad to fail. Many of us were told not to try something, because our parents were afraid we would get hurt if we failed. We love our parents (most of us) but they didn't always know what programming they were placing into us. We learn best by failing and it is much more fun to go through life with unexpected twists and turns, the to live locked up planning every moment just so you have no chance of failing. Be willing to fail at something... and see what happens. For example, maybe you want to try dancing, but you think you are a horrible dancer. Give it a try a couple times, if you are a horrible dancer AND you have a terrible time... then quit and find something else. If you are a horrible dancer but you loved it... who cares what people think and do it anyway!

There are many other reasons people are blocked from having fun. Good thing to have a reading and healing about, actually. If you want one, my site is you can see the details. Otherwise, check in for yourself. Make it your goal this week to have more fun and see what happens next!

Have a playful week, full of laughter and fun.