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Guest Blog: Life Transitions | An Opportunity Awakens

By Brad Krause

A major life event, whether positive or negative, is an opportunity to re-evaluate many of your behaviors and make changes that will lead you on a positive path. Keep reading for how to turn the things that turn your life upside down into a chance to change for the better.

Losing a job

There is no doubt that losing a job, especially one you’ve held for many years, is tough. When you have a family to care for, the loss can be even more overwhelming as you scramble to figure out how to make ends meet. But despite a temporary setback, a forced job change does not have to mean permanent devastation.

The moment you are released from your 9-to-5 obligations is your first chance to change paths. You have an opportunity to swap careers and pursue something you truly appreciate. You can turn your passion into a paycheck. For instance, if you enjoy photography, look for career opportunities at photo studios, as a photography assistant, or as your own boss shooting events, weddings or headshots. In addition to having a chance to make money, doing things you love will allow you to experience new happiness. You may even meet new people that will benefit you along the way.

Kids leaving for college

According to Money Crashers, empty nest syndrome isn’t the end of your parenting years but the beginning of your time to reconnect with your spouse or partner. While it is perfectly normal to feel a little sad when your children fly the proverbial coup, there is no reason to sit alone in an empty home.

Take this opportunity to restyle your home for the way you want to live. Decluttering – even if it means emptying the kids’ rooms – is a great way to give yourself a mental health boost. You may even wish to downsize and move to a smaller home that costs less to upkeep. This will give you the money to pursue travel or other interests and eliminate many home maintenance tasks. Move cherished but rarely used items into storage if you won’t have room in your new home or after redecorating. Fortunately, renting storage doesn’t have to set you back significantly: the average price of a self-storage unit booked in Broomfield, Colorado is about $114.


Even under the best circumstances, dealing with divorce is difficult.  Leaving a relationship can leave you with shattered self-confidence. But it’s also a jump-off point to remodeling yourself into a person you are proud of. explains that confident people have no problem finding happiness within themselves. The end of a bad relationship is the perfect opportunity for you to do just that so your next relationships are healthy and happy.

Health scare

Your health is one aspect of yourself that you largely control. Although there are genetic factors and unexpected situations, your actions directly affect your health. When you have a health scare such as prediabetes, you are being given a second chance to change your bad habits.

One bad habit you can change is how you eat. Remember, what you put into your mouth is the fuel your body has to stay healthy. You have the power to stop smoking and change your exercise routine and alcohol intake.

Life takes many unexpected twists and turns. Use them wisely, and you will be that much more prepared to enjoy the ride. While you might not be able to control everything, you can take charge of how you react to change and give yourself a better future.


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