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Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

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The Throat Chakra

Chakras are just energy centers in our bodies. We use different sources of energy in order to be and manifest in the world. There are several schools of thought regarding chakras, so I am writing from my own experiences and awareness, not from a specific school of thought.

By paying attention to energy fields, you send an intention to yourself and your energy to rise to a conscious level of manifestation. You can then use that awareness and intention to refine your energy fields and become a more conscious creator.

The throat chakra is the energy center that governs communication. It is about speaking your truth and allowing your other energy centers to communicate through you and out to the world. It also involves internal dialogue and the things we tell ourselves.

The Issues

When the throat chakra is blocked, people have difficulty communicating. They often struggle to both be heard and listen to others. It could be a life-long issue, or one that began from circumstances. Here are a couple external issues that could impact the throat chakra.

  • Argumentative relationships
  • Extreme expectations from others that conflict with the authentic self
  • Loud environments
  • Strong external authority figures

There are many indicators of over active or under active throat chakra. Primarily you are looking at your ability to be heard or listen. 

The Emotions

The emotions of a blocked throat chakra often relate to those of being rejected or misunderstood. If your throat chakra is moving in the direction of becoming blocked you might feel anger and frustration that causes you to want to yell or write angry letters. Once your throat chakra is fully blocked, you often feel isolated and lose the desire to even try to understand someone else's point of view. 

Physical Symptoms

The physical symptoms of a throat chakra imbalance are easy to see. Often the  shoulders are pulled up around the ears to protect the voice.

When you have an imbalance, many symptoms can come up. Just to name a few:

  • Neck pain
  • Ear ailments such as vertigo, earaches and tinnitus
  • Pain in upper arms
  • TMJ problems

When a body is talking to you about an imbalance though pain or discomfort, give it attention in a loving way. We often try and shame and force bodies back into functioning properly. Instead, love it first and ask what it needs.

The People in Our Lives

People can plug into our chakras and draw off energy from us. They can do this while in our presence or not.

Often people will draw energy from the fifth chakra because they desire others to see their side of things or be a voice for them out in the world. Someone might also plug into your throat chakra if they have difficulty being heard and perceive you to have a voice of influence.

People who want you to tell them you approve of them can also hijack your fifth chakra. These people will be reaching out for you to say the "right" things to them and often express anger toward you even when they're getting what they want because they're not drawing on their own internal sources.

The Balancing Act

So how do you balance all this out? Meditation is always a great way to tune into your energy systems.

But if you are not a big meditator, here are some other ideas.

  • Surround yourself with people who are good public speakers and/or communicators
  • Create time in your day to journal to your inner self
  • Go on a hike and listen closely to all the sounds around you
  • Socialize with friends you feel heard by
  • Chant HAM (mantra for sacral chakra)
  • Visualize your throat and ears opening up to new possibilities of seeing and hearing the world

There are many videos and meditations out there. This one is a sound healing tuning up all the chakras. 

Affirmations for the fifth chakra

  • "I am heard.”
  •  “I can speak my truth.”
  •  “I express myself well.”
  • “I express my truth through my actions as well as my words.”
  • "I easily hear others and feel safe communicating my needs as well.”

Chakra Communication - First and Fifth Chakra

mouth Communication... this space can get complicated, but if it is affected by safety, it can get down right hard! This blog is about the communication between your first and fifth chakra. If you want to know more about these individual energy centers got to the previous posts on Journey through your chakras first and fifth.

This communication is about feeling safe and grounded in your communication. People kid themselves on this one a lot. Thinking they are more grounded in their communication or safe to speak their mind regardless of consequences. But most of us have things we don't feel safe to communicate. One example I run across often is people not feeling safe to tell others they went to a psychic. What would people think?! (honestly, they would think ME TOO!)

When communication is flowing, the wisdom of what is safe to communicate and what isn't is flowing appropriately. Sometimes it isn't safe to communicate something and your energy centers talk to each other and modify accordingly. Where we get blocked off is when we don't read these signals right and we block up the communication artificially.

For example, lets say your employer is taking advantage of you and you really feel used by the situation, but you don't feel safe to communicate this unhappiness because you think you might loose your job, then not be able to pay your bills, loose a place to live, etc. If you could look at this situation from a clear point of view, you might find that it is safe to communicate this need and your are safe to make this request.

Don't get me wrong, there are times when not feeling safe to communicate is valid... but rarely. The key is to be open to the communication between the energy centers and allow it to function in balance.

Another way these two energy centers work together is to ground your communication. Meaning it makes sense and is coming from a place of connectedness with the planet. If you are in an emergency and you are screaming "We are all going to die!" that is not going to work well to getting you to safety. But if if you can ground your communication and give clear leadership in the situation, you are more likely to have a positive outcome.

Insightful Inspiration of the week

Where are you convincing yourself that it isn't safe to communicate? Is it a valid fear? What is the worst case scenario if you communicated in this situation? How likely is it to happen?

Have you resorted to outright lying to yourself or others because of this fear of not being safe? How can you shift this energy to speaking your truth and feeling grounded and safe in doing so?

Are there situations where you tend to communicate irrationally from a place of fear that takes away your ability to be heard by others? In stressful situations, can you communicate calmly or do you "loose it"? How can you shift this energy to be in balance even under the most intense stress? It can really be a value to you in your moment of need and can show others your ability to shine as a leader.

Here is a podcast for you to do a guided visualization of this week's inspiration.

As always I always welcome comments or you can start a discussion on my Facebook fan page.

Have a connected week! Happy communicating.