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Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

I am grateful for every reading I do. I have deep gratitude for each person who opens themselves up to me.

While I can’t guarantee any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using my services for any particular issue or attending any of my classes, my clients and students report having positive experiences.  Here is what some individuals have to say:

Her gift is unique. It/she is not “out there,” but she’s definitely an intuitive. It’s refreshingly, truthful and incisive, though still gentle. She will ask you to talk some, but really mostly just to access your energy fields. So some sharing, some quiet. You can bring up what you choose, though sometimes your guides etc. have their ideas about what they feel needs to be addressed. The whole time you’re sitting there, she’s working. What’s so wonderful about her approach is the way it rearranges things to allow for change. Hard to explain, but it accesses another level, so unlike talk therapy, you don’t necessarily have to be conscious of the pattern, behavior etc. But when she names it, you’ll say, oh yes, I probably do that, or yeah, I guess that is my motivation or fear. It’s quite amazing. And then, you’ll notice and feel a shift (if you’re available to it). She doesn’t remove anything, just moves it to the background so other ways of being are possible. One can always revert ;)

Maya Gammon

Leanne Holitza is an extraordinary person.  She is intelligent, sensitive, and very gifted spiritually as a counselor and psychic.   She has helped me tremendously and it is a comfort and blessing to have her in my life for personal and business concerns.

  • Randy Faulkner - Owner, Randy's Travel Works

Leanne has an amazing gift of spiritual connection.  She has many impressive abilities and is capable of quickly assessing individual’s needs.  I think of her as a spiritual therapist.  She connects with people without the use of words.  Some see this as entertainment; I see it as a necessity to understanding the bigger picture of life.

– Ashley Kretsch, Founder of Renew Movement

Talking to Leanne is very healing. Her insights cut right through to the core of the issues I am working with. And she doesn't just leave me with new understanding;  through her healing I feel like she helps me to integrate these lessons on a more profound level. She has a quality of presence that is both grounding and opening and you just feel good after you have talked to her.

- Krista Connerly,

Leanne is an extremely gifted individual.  She sets you at ease the moment you walk through her door and creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for your reading.  She is incredibly insightful and relays information clearly without the need for vague metaphors.  My experience with Leanne was wonderful and I not only intend to return, but I have recommended her to all my friends!

- Digital Dreams Photography

Leanne performed readings at a physic party I hosted.  Everyone was buzzing about how on target she was with her readings.  I highly recommend an afternoon physic party.  Over the past two years, Leanne has conducted several healings for me to help me save my kidneys.  These healings have given me a new sense of strength, comfort, and the tools to mediate to help heal myself. In addition, she has conducted readings over the phone to help a friend who became ill.  Leanne has a wonderful gift and her message is always delivered with compassion.  Thank you Leanne.

- Michelle Stewart

Energy Awareness Class Testimonials

"I joined the beginner energy class because I had a thirst to understand myself on a deeper level. I wanted to become aware of my energy, how I impact others and how others impact me....So, it was very simple to begin with...

What I took away from the 6 months with Leanne and my other classmates- well, lets just say it was the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. I was given the tools to look at myself inside out, and then to become an observer of my findings- which is very difficult I may add.

Leanne provided the framework for us to look at life, a situation, a person and ask questions about why they are there? What does it mean? How do I shift myself to have a different experience? It took me out of the "life happens to me" state of mind and into the "I make my life happen" mode.

One of the BIGGEST personal lessons I leaned was to look at everything in neutrality. Life cannot be done wrong or right, it's about the experiences we have that shape who we are while on this earth. It's simply beautiful.

Some of the other lessons include actually looking at what I need and how I can give it to myself. Whether it's letting go of past hurts from childhood or building a new foundation in a marriage, looking at what I need and how I can give myself everything. Simply by acknowledging it and asking the universe to provide it.

Not only did we have the opportunity to self reflect deeply on a weekly basis, we also leaned how to tap into our intuition and engage in a reading with someone else. Sometimes they were new people, other times using our group as a way to learn. At the beginning I really didn't think I could use those skills to "read" another person. Turns out I actually can and it's been extremely eye opening!

We also learned how to ground ourselves. This was also HUGE! Learning to connect with the earth and pull from infinite energy sources was enlightening! The guided meditation at the end of each class was very therapeutic.

When our 6 months came to the end, I felt like it was just the beginning and I needed MORE! Thankfully Leanne offers an advanced energy class, so I will be joining that next!

I am so grateful for Leanne and her many gifts that she shares! She is extremely supportive and I am thankful for her everyday!" - Previous student of Energy Awareness

“I had good intuition, but didn’t know how to be mindful and pay attention to it. Through Leanne’s instruction and guided practice, I learned to tune in to my intuition, listen to it and trust it. My intuition is now strong and helps guide me daily in my life. I have a different perspective on energy and am able to not only distinguish between my own energy and other people’s energy, I am also able to ground myself and keep my own boundaries. This class also taught me how to use my energy to open my chakras that were blocked and how to help my energy move through me. Leanne possesses many gifts and uses these gifts to help others learn and use their own gifts. This class was truly transformational to a healthier and more aware me!” - Previous Student

I recently finished Leanne’s six month Energy Awareness workshop. You might be thinking, “Six Months” but it was by far the most rewarding and life changing experience I’ve ever had. This workshop helps you “dig deep” recognize your own amazing intuitive gifts that you may have forgotten about or never new even existed inside yourself. Growth is truly an understatement for what you get out of this six month workshop. Personally, I can honestly say I’ve changed, but in the most positive and abundant ways. If you feel lost, or “stuck” this workshop will help identify and reintroduce you to your most amazing qualities. Don’t give up, remember who you are and how truly amazing you are through this workshop, it will be one of the best gifts you can ever give yourself, I know it was for me! 

Thanks Leanne!  - Previous Student

Leanne's energy class is great!   She is a highly gifted intuitive, and generously shares so many ways to develop intuition, to create a safe neutral space, as well as passing on more tools and knowledge that are so helpful for us in safely and effectively negotiating the tricky terrain life has become.    And it's great fun!   Highly recommended!  

Previous Student


Abundance Focus Class

"I took Leanne's business abundance class last summer. My business was in a state of transition and I was undecided on how to move forward. If I truly wanted to continue on that path or go a different direction. I was also was struggling with attracting the "right" clients to support my business. I seemed to always have "enough" but never more. Money seemed to slide through my fingers so fast that I felt I was working to pay more crap off! Or if I got a huge new project- my AC unit would need to be replaced or something....

Some of my main discoveries in this class: I was literally in charge of attracting the best clients for myself, changing my "having-ness bowl"- which allowed me to believe I could have more and hold onto it. That I was truly worthy of success and happiness. That's the biggest thing about Leanne's classes- realizing that everything that's happening right now is being created by me. Deciding that I do in fact want my business and that I am actually very fulfilled by it was the first step. From there- I set a monthly profit goal. I was fearful at the time- because I felt it was unrealistic and I'd let myself down if I didn't meet it. Well- happy to say that I've not only met it- I've exceeded it every month since the class. I am worthy and have been holding on to my profits- then deciding what I choose to do with it! My clients have been the prefect fit for me, and the one's who are not- I am better at identifying them and moving on faster now. No hard feelings and I know its not about me!

This truly changed everything- I plan to take it again as a refresher. Such a fan of anything Leanne :). She's an inspiration and a living example of what she teaches. Love all her real world examples that she provides in her classes. 

Hope you find the class as inspirational as I did!" - Previous Student

"Superlative like “amazing,” “enlightening,” and “wonderful” are bandied about loosely in testimonials, but I will say that for me and my business, Leanne’s abundance for small businesses workshop really was effective and eye-opening. I have used many business coaches who employ different combinations of manifesting, meditation, visualizations and practical steps, but Leanne’s is the first that used all of them while simultaneously encouraging us to #droptheshoulds. She taught us to focus on what we really want, deeper than just “more clients” or “more money” and how to clear the energetic blocks to those deeper desires. After that class, I had the 3 most prosperous months I’ve ever had, and my business just keeps growing in new and enjoyable directions. If you are ready to move your small business and your life forward, I cannot recommend this class enough."

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