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Book Review: Messages from Your Unseen Friends - Volume Two

By Boni Lonnsburry

The Author

Boni Lonnsburry is the CVO of Inner Art, Inc.

Boni Lonnsburry is the CVO of Inner Art, Inc.

I have met Boni Lonnsburry and we were blessed with her coming to The Healing Studio to do a workshop on her law of attraction work. She gifted me a copy of this book when I met with her and we carry several other books she has written at The Healing Studio as well, including  “The Map.”

She has great energy and is a dynamic speaker. We enjoyed having her talk with us about her journey with the law of attraction.

Boni is an author, blogger, speaker and an expert on “conscious creation.”  She has personally applied the principles of the law of attraction, struggled with it, hated it and then dropped into love with it as she began to learn the true nature of it.

She tells a story of overcoming her negative thinking and despair in order to build an abundant life filled with financial, emotional and spiritual successes. You can read more about her on her website.

The Book

 This book is a lovely little inspirational text that is a follow-up to the first book with the same title. It is laid out in a way that allows the reader to either just pick it up and read a page or sit down and ready it cover to cover.

Messages from Your Unseen Friends Volume Two

Messages from Your Unseen Friends Volume Two

It is 88 messages from your unseen friends like your divine support team such as your higher self, God, your future self and more. The messages are encouraging, uplifting and aligned with the law of attraction teachings.  They are written as if you are receiving little notes from your helpers. They are signed with little closings such as “Enthusiastically yours, Your Spirit.” The messages are supportive and can put you in touch with yourself.

This book is simple to read and easy to skim and come back to favorite parts. It isn’t an instructional text, it is more just one to two page messages. It is a square shape book, perfect for leaving out on a coffee table.

My Take

I love books like this. They make great gifts for friends going through change. You can also leave it out on the table and pick it up when you need a pick me up or better yet do a pay it forward and leave it somewhere with a note “this book is yours” note for someone who might need these messages.  

If you get trigged by words such as God, Guardian Angel, Goddess, etc. this book might not be for you. It isn’t a book based in a religious belief system, but does use concepts around spirit, higher self, etc.  The depiction of God in the book is non-judgmental, supportive and highlighting that you are divinity personified.  I find the messages supportive.

My Favorite Part

There were many favorites in this book and truths that I hear regularly in my work as a messenger of guides and higher self work.

My favorite page was message 55. “From Your Soul – Prepared to be amazed.” What I loved about this message is that it reflects on the face that we forget who we are, on purpose, as part of our game to manifest. It reminds us to go back and remember our majesty, divinity and grace any time we would like.

Another message I really loved is message 11. “From Your Spirit – This World is Backwards!” This passage reminds us that we don’t feel joy because of what happens, but rather when we feel joy, joyful experiences come to us. We manifest happiness not because of what happened, but because we focused on happiness. I love these reminders.

As always, I hope you find this review helpful. I have read hundreds of books on self-help, spirituality, etc. I hope to be able to find time for more reviews like this, but if you need a suggestion on something to pick up. Email me. I probably have an idea of a good one for you.