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Book Review: Walking Through Illusion by Betsy Otter Thompson

I was recently sent a book to look over and thought I would share it will all of you. Walking Through Illusion by Betsy Otter Thompson is 241 pages with end notes.

The concept of this book is  a conversation with the energy of Jesus. She doesn't call it channeling, but does give examples of other authors like Abraham-Hicks. I can relate well to this concept, as it is similar to what I do when I read for people. The wisdom that comes into a reading goes beyond my mind and physical form. This is similar to what the author has done here. She has tapped into a consciousness beyond herself to get answers to her questions. The author is merging with the energy of Jesus to get these answers.

The book is very simple to read and, for the most part, you could flip to any chapter, in any order and get a lesson for the day. I like that format because sometimes you need reminding of certain elements rather than reading the whole thing over and over. The author offers inspirations through quotes, questions and answers with Jesus and contemplations for you to reflect on your own life with.

Here is an example of these questions:

Questions to Ponder:

  • Do I imiate those who are happy, or only those who speak of happiness?
  • Do I live a satisfying life, or do I anticipate satisfaction down the road?
  • Do I look for the best in people or do I look for the worst in people?


The last question is actually one I asked my Women's Intuition Group last month. These are powerful questions and the book is full of them.

You don't have to be familiar with the teachings of Jesus or even subscribe to the concept of Jesus as a spiritual teacher to get what you need out of this book. The author says "The gift is in the message, whether the history is taken literally or not." The messages in this book are very similar to other messages delivered in new age books today, but the format of a story retold, makes it easier to see how these concepts apply to every day life and the compassion that lies there for each of us.

The questions asked of Jesus in the book cover many of to the deeper questions in life. For example she asks what happens when we die, how our choices affect others and ourselves, the concept of "God's Laws" and what it means to follow them or break them. The answers may surprise you but also ring true to the depths of your inner knowing as we are all living the truths described in this book. It offers a little reminder of who we are and how our struggles can make us forget but offer us a path back to it as well.

Often times this information that is coming from such a high place of consciousness can be mind blowing and difficult to digest. However, this book breaks it out for you. It keeps the conversation simple yet deep and allows you to see these concepts working in the lives of past people and the compassion of who they were in those lives. The author says "No more guild for breaking God's rules since the rules we have are the ones we've given ourselves."

I recommend this book for anyone open to hearing more about the universal truth of love and compassion. It will give you new things to think about and clarify issues like the law of attraction, which you may have already heard of.