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Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

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Shifts in Collective Consciousness - Take Care of Yourself

Updated post, original post October 2009.

Let’s face it, we are all connected and when things are hard for a few of us, they are hard for all of us. As the energies accelerate and old ways of functioning shift out of the way and new ways of being arrive, we feel it. Sometimes we deeply feel it and not always as light and love.

When we are experiencing major upheavals in our bodies and lives we often resist, try to understand and control what is happening. The more major and collective the shift, the more resistance there is. That is the nature of the collective. This intensification of energy starts to show up in various ways, either in our bodies our psyche and our relationships and can leave us asking “what’s happening?!”

Facing the End

As endings arrive we face our fear of the unknown. We have to revisit our values and find new meaning in how we are in the world. Ending of past patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving us begin to show up and peel away, sometimes in dramatic ways. It could show up as job loss, divorce, death, etc. as a result.

It may feel like everything is the same on the other side until you step through and find a whole new world.

It may feel like everything is the same on the other side until you step through and find a whole new world.

But even if you are not experiencing collective shifts as a major life altering end on the outside, it is still going on internally. You may be experiencing fatigue, dizziness, fogginess, random illnesses, etc.

There is a lot of unconscious clearing going on for all of us during the time of change. When you surrender to the idea it is going to be a great thing in the end, you allow for shifts to happen in support of your highest frequency instead of your old patterns. It is about making it to the other side without resisting or at least minimizing it.

We have to clear the garden to grow even more beautiful plants.  

Take Care of Yourself

Our bodies take a hit during times of big change as well. It is important to take care of yourself and listen to your needs at the time of this shift. If you need a nap, take a nap. If you need to take a day or week off, do it. Take care of yourself during times of big change.

Nothing is wrong with you, you are just having to let go of old patterns that you have been using for so long. It feels like a death of sorts, which obviously can be uncomfortable. Notice what you are going through and try and keep yourself grounded. If you are not able to feel grounded, call a friend or get involved with a group. I guarantee you are  not the only one going through the shift and it will help you work through it if you can share your thoughts and ideas with others.

One of the first tools of energy healing is grounding. Here is a simple technique to try on your own. #grounding #heal #energyhealing

Give yourself permission to go inward and listen to what you really want right now. Honor that and know you are doing the best you can right now.

Guest Blog: Health + Wellness = Your Best Weapon Against Obesity

The bank determines your creditworthiness via your credit score. Likewise, your BMI can put your overall health into perspective. A number between 18 and 25 means that, weight-wise, you’re in pretty good shape. Higher than that and you fall into the overweight range. Once your body mass index hits 30, you are officially considered obese. But you don’t have to let those numbers continue to climb—or scare you. Through a combination of wellness-focused activities, you can take control of your overall health and wellness and beat the scale into submission. Here are a few tips to get you started.

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What is "Healing?"

What is healing anyway? Our relationship with the state of being unwell is often so uncomfortable that we can’t accept it. We criticize and blame ourselves and/or our conditions for making us unwell and focus all of our energy on understanding the problem.  As we focus on the problem, we expand it.  This expansion actually clarifies our desires through the reflection of what we don’t want.  Sometimes we get stuck there. So how can we heal?

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My internet connection has been down all day, which surprisingly is why I have time to write this blog. (kind of ironic) But the month of May was not a balanced month for yours truly. I traveled to Australia (in too short of time period to adjust either way) and just had too much going on in all areas of my life. I knew I was out of balance, however for some reason I couldn’t seem to slow it down. I kept saying “next week will be better”. Well now it is official, this month of June is better! I am returning to “normal” and bringing myself into alignment again. Why did I let myself get so out of whack, primarily because I was experimenting with time and how much I could pry in, but also working on my ever present lesson of boundaries and saying no. I do learn a lot from my slides out of bounds, so I am grateful when I can return to myself and see the other end for what it really was.  It also reminds me how good it feels to be in balance and encourages me to stay there.

I can’t say I have found downtime yet. I am still working on it, but I now understand why I need it. The idea that our whole energy system can just go, sleep, go, sleep is not how we were built. We were designed to follow a cycle, a more gradual coming online of ourselves and a more gradual return to rest. The bell curve of our energy rather than peaks and valleys, is key.

Without this down time, we don’t have time to collect ourselves up, reflect on what is going on, or listen to our subtle energetic messages within us and around us. It is like being able to see the scenery, it can only be done when you slow down enough. That doesn’t mean you always stop, you may have to go quickly to get to the place you want, but then slow down and enjoy it.

Insightful Inspiration

Time for some scheduled downtime. Give yourself some time to just stop and be. Time to rest, take inventory on how you are feeling and reflect on the gratitude for all you have done (or survived). Downtime can be whatever you want, as long as it slows you down enough that you can pay attention and feel rejuvenated afterward. Give it a shot. As always, I encourage you to share what you do for downtime. It might encourage someone else. Share on my Facebook page at

My Book Is Here!

I have been so busy that I haven't had time to blog about my news!  I have published a book! Insightful Inspirations, conversation starters with your authentic self. This book is a compilation of blogs, work with others and just general wisdom I have recieved. It is designed to be held in your hand, holding a question in your mind and then open it up to some perspective. I hope to have a card deck that goes with it one day. The artist who did my cover, Stephanie Ingraham with Siyo, will be doing that artwork.

I have to admit that I was pretty nervous to put this book out. Even though I have had it written for over two years, there is just so much exposure with putting this out. I have already found one typo, despite having several proofs and am not sure I like how it printed with the questions on the back of the page. But the gift of this experience is that it is a perfect healing opportunity for my perfection issues! It doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. That is the amazing gift I will find here, how to just trust and accept my imperfections.

On the flip side, I am even more worried it will do well! :) Fear of success I guess. But part of me worries that I won't have time and won't appreciate the exposure. Again, another amazing opportunity to face my fears and heal. I am catching myself saying "It is just a little book" or "Yeah, no big deal". Wow, who knew I would have such a hard time embracing my accomplishment! I am releasing this issue as well and look forward to whatever this brings.

I have been using the book on my own since I received it and I have to say, I love having it in a format I can hold in my hand. It is so much fun to use! (If I do say so myself.) So I hope you all will take a moment to check it out and find as much value out of it as I do.

Insightful Inspiration

What have you delayed putting out into the world because you are afraid of having it fail? Or maybe you are afraid of it suceeding! What is the worst that can happen? What is the best that can happen? Is it worth the risk?

If you have already faced something like this, share with us. We can all learn from you.

Present moment food

I was outside picking and eating the last of my raspberries for the year. The sweet experience got me thinking about food and weight... (random thoughts by Leanne I know). What I am realizing is the perfection of the fruit and my experience of eating the fruit was very connected. I seek out perfectly ripe raspberries, inspect for any bugs that won't add flavor, and pop it in my mouth an enjoy. The whole thing can be very spiritual if you let it. Connecting with nature, yourself and the moment. Imagine if every time we ate something we had to spend that kind of attention on selecting it before we put it in our math. It would be harder to be overweight, that is for sure. This is what diets are all about, not the kind of food, but just paying ATTENTION to the food. You naturally don't unconsiously overstuff yourself if you have to pay attentionto every calorie and every type of calorie. Granted, most of us find a way to return to the unconsiousness, even when dieting, but my point is, being present with your food, could add a great layer to your experiences.

My youngest son, despite having celiac, LOVES food. He loves the experience of food, he likes trying new things and experiencing food. It is so funny to watch, yet wonderful. He generally gets way more out of his meals than I do!

Insightful Inspiration

Try getting yourself present with your food this week. Spending time seeing it, tasting it, smelling it and just noticing it more. See if you can bring yourself in contact with fresh and vegetables that have short shelf life. Experience the moment of having to choose it and  use it and not just stuff it away to experience it at a later date (hopefully). As always, I would love to hear how it is going. I want to do a better job of this, so I am going to put how it goes for me on my Facebook page. I encourage you to join me!

Feel Your Feet

When you listen to recorded meditations you often are told to feel your body. Feel your feet, your legs, etc. This slows down and distracts the mental self. It gives it something to do. It also brings you into awareness of yourself, reminding you of yourself in the separate body, because we are often unconsciously melding with the world.  It helps you bring yourself back to the parts that are you with helps with centering and grounding, two things essential for your energetic health. It is often said in metaphysics, where your attention goes energy flows. So I would suppose the opposite is true, where your attention doesn’t go energy doesn’t flow. What would happen to your body, life, energy if you just shifted this one thing? Started flowing energy to a part of your body that is frequent left out. What would happen if every morning for 1 minute, you focus on bringing energy to place inside of you? Why not experiment and see… I am not going to tell you what to expect, but trust me, even the littlest of changes in your energy awareness can have big effects. Pain in those places does not have to be the only way for it to get attention.

Insightful Inspiration of the week

But my blog for you today is not only to remember to breathe and feel your body throughout the day, but to notice what you don’t notice. Pay attention to the parts of your body you ignore or reject. The parts of you, you really don’t allow your consciousness to. Maybe it is your feet or maybe it is your belly because you don’t like the way it looks. It could be your back because when you think about it, it hurts. Just make a mental note of the part of your body that is most ignored. Then spend one minute a day sending loving energy to that place. Visualizing energy moving around this ignored spot in your body. Then pay attention to any shifts that occur. As always, you are welcome to share your experiences.

Book Review: Walking Through Illusion by Betsy Otter Thompson

I was recently sent a book to look over and thought I would share it will all of you. Walking Through Illusion by Betsy Otter Thompson is 241 pages with end notes.

The concept of this book is  a conversation with the energy of Jesus. She doesn't call it channeling, but does give examples of other authors like Abraham-Hicks. I can relate well to this concept, as it is similar to what I do when I read for people. The wisdom that comes into a reading goes beyond my mind and physical form. This is similar to what the author has done here. She has tapped into a consciousness beyond herself to get answers to her questions. The author is merging with the energy of Jesus to get these answers.

The book is very simple to read and, for the most part, you could flip to any chapter, in any order and get a lesson for the day. I like that format because sometimes you need reminding of certain elements rather than reading the whole thing over and over. The author offers inspirations through quotes, questions and answers with Jesus and contemplations for you to reflect on your own life with.

Here is an example of these questions:

Questions to Ponder:

  • Do I imiate those who are happy, or only those who speak of happiness?
  • Do I live a satisfying life, or do I anticipate satisfaction down the road?
  • Do I look for the best in people or do I look for the worst in people?


The last question is actually one I asked my Women's Intuition Group last month. These are powerful questions and the book is full of them.

You don't have to be familiar with the teachings of Jesus or even subscribe to the concept of Jesus as a spiritual teacher to get what you need out of this book. The author says "The gift is in the message, whether the history is taken literally or not." The messages in this book are very similar to other messages delivered in new age books today, but the format of a story retold, makes it easier to see how these concepts apply to every day life and the compassion that lies there for each of us.

The questions asked of Jesus in the book cover many of to the deeper questions in life. For example she asks what happens when we die, how our choices affect others and ourselves, the concept of "God's Laws" and what it means to follow them or break them. The answers may surprise you but also ring true to the depths of your inner knowing as we are all living the truths described in this book. It offers a little reminder of who we are and how our struggles can make us forget but offer us a path back to it as well.

Often times this information that is coming from such a high place of consciousness can be mind blowing and difficult to digest. However, this book breaks it out for you. It keeps the conversation simple yet deep and allows you to see these concepts working in the lives of past people and the compassion of who they were in those lives. The author says "No more guild for breaking God's rules since the rules we have are the ones we've given ourselves."

I recommend this book for anyone open to hearing more about the universal truth of love and compassion. It will give you new things to think about and clarify issues like the law of attraction, which you may have already heard of.

Tight muscles

I was getting a massage the other day with the intention of releasing some energy that I felt stuck in for awhile. I started to feel the therapist work on me and feel the places that were tense and tender and that they related to this stuckness I feel. Recently I have been looking at moving out matches with things I feel are no longer serving me. However, I was struggling to do so. I was having trouble seeing why. I can move other people's energy around so easily, yet I am struggling with my own. "Healer be healed!" I was saying to myself. Then it came to me as I tensed under the pressure of the massage. Like the body clenching under the pressure of a sore spot, my energy was clenching. But why? One reason is that like a massage it hurts to let it go or at least somewhere I perceive it to hurt. But as the therapist worked on me I realize it is sore and tender and then it releases and feels light and wonderful. It helped me to see I want to push through the sore and tender to allow it to release. I can't just continue to avoid the spot. Touch it with the intention to release, observe the struggle and then just by observing it lets go. Just by continuing to observe. Doing nothing else but that very thing.

This is so true with everything. Just by observing it you change it. Sometimes we avoid facing something head on because we are afraid of it, but once we do, it releases and no longer controls our thoughts.  It is instinctive for our energy to clench up and protect what we think is ours. It won't just let it go, it much first have a gentle reminder of what is a balanced state, then it will return there willingly while releasing what it thought it needed.

Insightful Inspiration of the week

What sore spot are you guarding and not releasing? Why are you guarding it? What are you telling yourself about that thing you don't want to face? It hurts only for a moment to face it and then it softens. You can see why you are where you are. Notice any resistance in your body and mind about letting this go. Just notice, without judgement, this resistance.

As you observe this resistance you can begin to see the wisdom in it, with love and trust. Once you see that, you can let it go and make room for whatever you need next. You can open yourself up to the light and the possibilites now available to you. You may not have been ready to open up to it before, which is why the guard was there to begin with. But now it is there for you to open to and be nourished by.

If all else fails, go get a massage and see what you learn about yourself from the experience.  Have a releasing week!

That song is stuck in my head!

Everyone has had a song stuck in their head at one point or another. These songs even seem contagious. Someone mentioned a line from a catchy tune or sings it under their breath and the next think you know it, it is stuck in your head. It is referred to as an earworm, here is where urban dictionary defines it. There are all kinds of interesting studies about this and the brain. Dartmouth University found out that our brain will even fill in the gaps, energetically, even when the song stops playing. There are all kinds of things you can read about this topic. Here is a New York Times article about it. But if our brain will fill in the gaps on songs, where else is it filling in the blanks. My observation is that our energy systems will try and predict things in order to save energy in creating a new response. So if you get triggered in this behavior, even if it is different than the last time you experienced it, your body and mind will go to the path it has already traveled first, unless it is required to change course. This means that if you normally are defensive when receiving feedback about something, you will tend to always turn there first, before hearing the feedback.

Have you ever stressed about something you have experienced as bad in the past, expecting it to be bad again as this similar experience approaches? Then you stress, prepare and try and control your response to the upcoming badness, only to find out that there was nothing to worry about?

Awareness to these stuck energies is key to changing your experiences with the world. Just because it was bad once, doesn't always make it bad. That bad song is just stuck in your head. See if you can attract different experiences, just by becoming aware of that stuck song.

Insightful Inspirations of the week

Do you have a mantra stuck in your head about something or someone? "This always happens to me." or "I can never get paid what I am worth." or 'Men or Women are always so ____." That song is stuck in your head and you will fill in the blanks by attracting those experiences that validate that tape. See if you can replace that tape with something else. That is what Louise Hay of Hay House always tries to do, give you new mantras to say over and over. Replacing those tapes.  See if you can identify a tape that you want to replace. Put a new mantra on a sticky note where you can see it and use it in place of the old one. Then see what shifts.

Putting on Weight

We play with our energy so unconsciously sometimes we don't even know what we are doing until it's done. It is like eating half a pint of ice cream before noticing! Now think what that would do to your hips (or thighs, or where ever you prefer to put on weight). Same goes for not taking in enough food. If you are too busy to eat all of the time, you will get too thin to be healthy. The same thing is happening to your energy field. Without proper exercise, maintenance, and awareness we all get energetically out of whack. Putting too much burden on our energy systems or too little.

Like you body type, the amount of energy you actually need is different for everyone. Some people are naturally heavy and some naturally light and where you store that energy differs too. But the point is that you can manage a healthy energetic weight by bring awareness to it.

Insightful Inspirations for the week

Get yourself on a healthy energy plan. Find time to connect with yourself, play with your energy or exercise it and pay attention to when you are unconsciously taking on too much or too little. Think of it like a meal and plan for it. Work with it, move it, become friends with it. You can get involved in the more complicated techniques to balance your chakras and aura, if you have the time and energy. But you would be better off spending a little time with yourself every day than trying to cram in a completely new way of living all at once and then quit all together. Just like a diet.

Is there something you aren't telling me?

So often our differences with other people stems from communication issues. Someone said something they didn't mean, we thought someone said something mean, we don't mean what we say. So many issues arise in that fifth chakra and relationships! We all know this already. What we don't look into as often is the communication with ourselves. Our thoughts, our bodies, our emotions are all forms of self communication. However, normally we do these things without thinking there may be a miscommunication . We just assume we can communicate well with ourselves, but the fact is, sometimes we don't.

We either ignore our own bodies, emotions, thoughts, etc. We try and change them or we misinterpret them. For example, do I really want to go out to dinner with that person or do I just feel obligated to? Another example would be when we try and change our physical body and it back fires. Let's say we try and fix a problem by getting really healthy, which seems to cause more health issues. Well, maybe out body just got the communication that the only way you would listen is if it was causing problems. Sometimes we have to take ourselves off of automatic pilot and work on our communication issues.

Insightful Inspiration for the week

Stop and listen to yourself. Really listen. What are you trying to tell yourself that you are trying to dismiss or deny? Maybe it is that aching thought that keeps coming up about something. You think it is just a silly thought and you keep putting it off, but pull it out and talk to it. Sit with that thought and feel it with complete awareness. There might be a better communication method there if you just stop long enough to give it a try.

Check in with any miscommunications you might be having with yourself. Are you pushing too hard on changing something about yourself that is causing other parts to dig it's heels in on? Are you expecting too much? Are you limiting yourself, by expecting too little. This week, just work on communication with yourself in all aspects and see if it shifts your perspective.

Let me know how it goes.

Good energetic hygiene

When people come for a session with me they get an energy bath.  I clean off patterns that are not supportive, foreign energy, other people in your space. Etc. This give people the sense of lightness, ease, and peace that helps them stand in their own power. But it is even more important for everyone to learn good energetic hygiene for themselves. It is like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. You wouldn’t go years without doing that! Yet many of us neglect our energy fields and don’t acknowledge the power it has over how we feel and what we can accomplish.

The problem is none of us were trained to wash our energy. So you might need a little guidance, just to get your conscious mind around what it means to “clean” your energy field. There are books out there that you can get about these topics. There are classes you can take online and in person. The resources are out there and I highly encourage you to use them.

Insightful Inspiration for the week

Establish a daily energetic cleansing technique for yourself and commit to doing it for at least a week. Notice what shifts as you do this. Here are some ideas on what you could do (it doesn’t have to take long). I always encourage you to explore what works for you and come up with your own technique.

Phase one: Grounding

  • Visualize a grounding cord from your tail bone, dropping down to the center of the earth and connecting. Then open up as wide as your hips, making it hollow for full release.
  • Go outside and site in the grass with your socks off.
  • Visualize growing roots out of your butt and your feet, into the earth, feel the roots bringing nourishment back into your body from the earth.

Phase two: Cleansing

  • Visualize a silver shower, rinsing away any energy that is not supporting you.
  • Sit in the sun and take in the warmth allowing it to release any energy that is not supporting you.
  • Rub your hands together and then pull them apart just an inch. Feel the energy surging between them, then use your hands to wipe off any energetic debris.

Phase three: Filling in

  • Imagine a huge, golden sun above your head, calling all your energy from all directions in time back into it and then draining the golden energy into the top of your head, into your entire body and space around you.
  • Feel the spark of divine light in your belly button and allow it to expand and fill in your body and space around you.
  • Notice a source of light above your head, allow that light to shine into your body and the space around you.

Phase four: Shielding

  • Imagine a rose in front of you, representing your energy, just outside your space. Ground it to the center of the earth and let it collect up all the energy of the world and process it for you.
  • Surround yourself with white light.
  • Use hematite jewelry or some other material that represents protection for you and allow it to shield your energy throughout the day.

Share you techniques with us on Facebook. If you have had an energy bath with me, share with us how that helped you in your daily life and give your insights on how your attention to this fact can help you going forward.

What's on your mind and body?

Illuminating by Freeman Mester Your body is a chatter box! It is constantly talking to you. I was in an accupunture appointment the other day and my stomach was growling and gurgling and the practitioner said "wouldn't it be nice if we could speak that language and understand what our body is saying." I thought to myself..."Wait a minute! I do speak this language. It is just energy!" So I laid there and I listened. My grumbling tummy told me I ate too fast (which I did, always seem to be running around) and that it wanted me to be more mindful about what I put in my body.

Your body is telling you a lot. Aches and pains are telling you something, what is it? Another thing to notice is that what is on your mind often manifest in your body. This is why we have all of these sayings like "she is a pain in the neck" or "that gets under my skin". Literally our body is affected by our mind and our environment and when something goes amiss, you can figure out what it is just by listening to yourself. If you ignore yourself, you could be up for a long hall back to wellness, so listen early and often! Also notice your thoughts, they are powerful things and can eventually end up somewhere in your body.

You don't have to be an energy healer to listen to yourself. I am currently developing a class on this very topic with a wellness coach. It should be a great experience. But I wanted to get you thinking about this on your own.  Also ready my article this week on Mind, Body, Spirit alignment - why the heck do we care?

Insightful Inspiration for the week

Pay attention to your body. Notice what is coming up for you. What ailments do you have? Write them down and just see if you can relate them to what is going on in your life. Also notice, what thought patterns are playing out with this? What body phrases do you use a lot? Do you refer to things as being a "pain in the neck" or something similar. How is this manifesting in your body? Notice how talkative your body is through out the day. Give thanks to the communication it is giving you, thank goodness it does talk to you! There is a little girl in the news who doesn't feel pain and because she can't hear her body she is always getting hurt and in danger. Click here to read about her.  This is a good thing that you hear your body. Don't take it for granted. Listen closely and take note. You might start to notice you have more control over how you feel than you ever realized.

Good luck! I am wishing you a week full of wellness and good converstations with your body.