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Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

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My Book Is Here!

I have been so busy that I haven't had time to blog about my news!  I have published a book! Insightful Inspirations, conversation starters with your authentic self. This book is a compilation of blogs, work with others and just general wisdom I have recieved. It is designed to be held in your hand, holding a question in your mind and then open it up to some perspective. I hope to have a card deck that goes with it one day. The artist who did my cover, Stephanie Ingraham with Siyo, will be doing that artwork.

I have to admit that I was pretty nervous to put this book out. Even though I have had it written for over two years, there is just so much exposure with putting this out. I have already found one typo, despite having several proofs and am not sure I like how it printed with the questions on the back of the page. But the gift of this experience is that it is a perfect healing opportunity for my perfection issues! It doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. That is the amazing gift I will find here, how to just trust and accept my imperfections.

On the flip side, I am even more worried it will do well! :) Fear of success I guess. But part of me worries that I won't have time and won't appreciate the exposure. Again, another amazing opportunity to face my fears and heal. I am catching myself saying "It is just a little book" or "Yeah, no big deal". Wow, who knew I would have such a hard time embracing my accomplishment! I am releasing this issue as well and look forward to whatever this brings.

I have been using the book on my own since I received it and I have to say, I love having it in a format I can hold in my hand. It is so much fun to use! (If I do say so myself.) So I hope you all will take a moment to check it out and find as much value out of it as I do.

Insightful Inspiration

What have you delayed putting out into the world because you are afraid of having it fail? Or maybe you are afraid of it suceeding! What is the worst that can happen? What is the best that can happen? Is it worth the risk?

If you have already faced something like this, share with us. We can all learn from you.

Drop the judgement!

Judgement is such a sticky thing. Fear of judgement makes us second guess ourselves, make bad choices and pretend to be something we aren't.  Love of judgement make us scrutinize the people we love and the friends we love to hate. Addiction to judgement make us judge people we only sort of know thinking we know them because we "know the type". My guess is, most of you are doing all three. The truth is judgement is the thing that keeps us separated, not connected. It keeps you down, not up. It holds you back, it doesn't push you ahead.

Some inside scoop on me...

I have a VERY twice exceptional child. Anyone who knows me, knows my struggles (because it is kind of consuming). But it very interesting to me how even when you see my authentic, heartfelt struggles, people still judge. It is probably the hardest place in the world to be judged; my mothering, my child, my perfect love. My kid is not obviously impaired in anyway. In fact, he comes across as being just defiant and self absorbed, albeit extremely intelligent. Even his own grandfather struggles to know how to "accept" him for what he is.

You are probably curious by now what is "wrong" with my child. The truth is NOTHING. Okay that is the spiritual Mom answer. The diagnosis is complex and anyone who evaluates him, says he doesn't fit even the molds of the diagnosis he has. ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder, Coordination Disorder... who knows really. The fact is, my kids is lovable, extremely capable, intelligent, and AMAZING. When I read his soul, it is wise and uncaring about the things us younger souls want to struggle with. When I see him in the world, he pokes at the very core of the illusion, forcing people to second guess their automatic pilot mode and wake up. His questioning is authentic, not defiant, and quite frankly good for us to hear. We once were grilling him on his grades and he sat smiling. My husband said "You don't get it!" He said, "Yes I do, I have bad grades and I need to focus more on that. But it doesn't have to affect my present happiness." Wow! I want to think like that more often.

My point of my motherly vent is, that we are all so quick to judge. So quick to deny someone acceptance. We forget how that feels when it is done to us. Especially on the topics that we try so hard to do "right".

Let me give you one metaphor that you have heard before from me. If you love a child for it's mistakes, nurture them through it struggles, have compasion for their bad choices, it will grow up to be a loving, nurturing, forgiving person. Because you taught it how. If you scold them, accuse them, shame them and judge them, it will grow up to be a scolding, accusing, shaming and judging person. Who would you like to foster in your world?

Insightful Inspiration

Take this week to think about how much judgement is running your life. See if you happy with letting it run your life. "Good judgement" is important for yourself, but when it extends into situations you are not familiar with, it is not helpful to you or the other person for you to pass judgement on it. Work on bringing awareness to who you are categorizing, rejecting and downright making feel miserable with your negative energy about them. Pull it back. Own up to what you are sending out and stop it! Love yourself, love each other and do you best to love the world we live in. It isn't perfect, but things don't get better when you judge it, they get better when you nurture it.

My grandma taught me presence

My husband and I were talking about this last night and he thought it was a great blog. My grandma would take me for a couple of weeks to a month over the summer. She would save up her vacation, take off time and make me the center of the universe. I loved it! She would listen to me, take me places and just be with me. Granted she kept up some of her responsibilities volunteering in the community (which now I love to do too) and seeing to family matters. But she has this way of being with you, that just makes you feel great. She is present! As my husband and I discussed this, we couldn't exactly put our finger on what that quality IS exactly. But we know it when we feel it and she is an excellent giver of it. She is able to really hear you and see you, in a way most of us don't have time for. Maybe it is that she grew up in a small farmhouse with five sisters. Maybe it is because she is was a psychiatric nurse and is able to understand people on that level. But mostly, I just think it is who she is. She just gives off that quality and I think she has taught me how to give that same quality back to people. It is the gift of just being there for someone. Nothing more than just being...

Insightful Inspirations for the week

Think about the one person who was your role model growing up, the role model above all role models. Think of the one person you look at now and say "thank goodness" for. Spend some time contemplating the gifts that person gave you and realizing that those gifts are now in you to give too. This is the power of who we are. We can share energy that can keep going and going. When we choose to share positive energy, the effects can be dramatic and amazing or subtle and precious. Either way, it is a gift.

How I got started, reading for other people.

People are always asking me "how did you get started in the psychic work?". So I thought I would blog about it so it would forever be documented. I have always kind of had insight, but I never knew how to use it on purpose. I have several crazy stories where I knew something has happened before I could have known it did. That was the first door...

Then in 2006 my husband and I had a major trauma in our relationship. He didn't live with the family for five months and he kept doing things that injured the relationship even further, all the while saying he wanted the relationship to work. I started seriously asking for help from the universe. I had watched "The Secret"  and knew about the law of attraction, but I was asking for more help from the universe on what I should do. I also turned to the book Radical Forgiveness to understand things further. 

I truly thought that this couldn't just be my way of living the victim. I wanted to know why I had gotten so unconscious and didn't see this relationship trouble coming (literally telling people a couple weeks before how lucky I was in love). I wanted to know what I had been missing. I thought I had done everything "right" so why was it still going off course?!

I started getting answers...slowly at first. Little things...books, friends, t.v. shows, etc. Oprah had "The Seat of the Soul" on her show...I listened to that audio book while I walked my oldest to school. My husband and I just had another blow to our relationship and I was listening to how the universe is teaching us lessons. That we need to accept the wrongs people do to us as lessons...even "Gifts"!

I threw out in my mind "you have got to be kidding!".

The book continued on to say, if we choose not to run higher frequency emotions (happiness, love) we just keep bringing us lower.

As this is happening I saw a woman out on the path (this was January with a lot of ice and snow), with three kids, looking on the ground. I asked her what she was looking for and she said she lost her diamond earring while jogging earlier that day. She knew she lost it somewhere around there, but there was so much snow and ice, she couldn't find it.

I kept walking my son to school and dropped him off. By the time I returned to the path she was gone, but I knew, she left without her earring. So in my mind I spoke to the universe "Okay, if I am suppose to go with the flow and accept all that is happening to me as a gift, please let me find this woman's earring, WITHOUT EFFORT, just for the sake of helping another soul out. I will take it as a sign to keep going on my path of self discover." 

Well, I thought in my mind I wasn't going to look for this thing. I was just going to walk and if I happened to see it, that would be my answer. Well...guess what?! Major life break for me...all over an easily found diamond earring! When I walked by, it was right there for me to find. I was so excited!

The universe had answered me.

Of course I didn't know her or know how to tell her I found it. So, I put a sign in the snow that said "I found your earring, call me 303-". She called later that day almost in tears and said she had gone out with some friends to look some more and saw my note.

From then on, I was LISTENING. I asked the universe for answers and listened with the purest confidence I would get the answer I needed, even if it felt wrong. That was the second door I opened.

Finally, as we are piecing our relationship back together (my husband and I), we decided we both needed our own, healthy hobbies. Something that gives us time to ourselves without responsibilities. But I could not figure out what that would I asked. That next day Matt and I had a date and went to the oxygen bar I now work at. The bartender there did a reading for me and told me he could see me doing his line of work. I asked him "how does one become a psychic bartender" and he told me about Psychic Horizons.

I went home, looked it up, classes started the very next week. From there, it has just been as easy as ever. Door number three! The classes were helpful, but now that I know how to do it, I can do things I haven't been taught (in this lifetime). It is quite interesting and exciting. I am so relieved I found it and just continue to journey through all of this. It is kind of like a fun, friendly maze. Sometimes you hit road blocks, but only to discover a hidden treasure.

As I am "reopening" my awareness, information is easily coming to me. I feel more at peace and assured I have all that I need, at any given time. Even the rocky stuff! I also know we all have divinity within us and I am not the only one with this ability. Everyone can do it, some just seem to be able to do it faster than others. So my ultimate goal is to show others their way in the light of the universe and hopefully lead many more to discover their own intuition.

With love and service to the "greater good" at heart, I am giving other's readings, insight, and inspirations to help bring higher awareness to everyone I meet. I hope to help other's find their diamond earring.