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Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

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Putting your feelers out

People often come to me to find out what's next in their lives. Sometimes we get very greedy for these answers when we finally decide to ask the question. We want instant answers, NOW! Sometimes we aren't completely prepared for the answers, so they come in at levels you can handle them. Inching you along to find that ultimate answer. Put the question out and then you wait, notice and pay attention. The answer may not come in a word or a resounding next step. It may come as a song, a subtle message in an ad, or even just a friend calling and reminding you who you really are. Pay attention to these subtle responses and you will see the universe is constantly answering your questions. You just don't always want to listen to the answer.

For example, lets say you ask "What should I do next in my career?" and the ultimate response is for you to be doing something completely different than you are doing now. You may not be ready to hear that. So the response that comes back might be just to expand yourself where you are or prepare yourself for a move. Rather than just saying "move careers tomorrow" the universe is gentle with us, gliding us through to our next steps that we have asked for. If only we were so patient with our request for answers as the universe is with us receiving them.

Insightful Inspiration for the week

What question are you asking for instant answers on? What do you think you need to know NOW? Put your feelers out on this question. Notice the sights, sounds, and sensations the world is bringing you in response to this question. Don't over analyze it, just pause and sense. Do you like what you are being shown or are you waiting for a different answer? The answer may be different tomorrow if you want it to be, just put out the request and then wait for the next response. Glide yourself through this process rather than forcing it. You will be amazed at all the answers that have been given and are just waiting for you to notice.

Choose your own adventure

As we seek answers beyond ourselves about how things work and why, we may discover the power of the universe guiding and directing us. You will hear about the divine plan and how things are suppose to happen for a reason.

Does this mean that we are not in charge of the guidance and direction we are going? Are we subject to destiny no matter what you do? 

No way. Think of yourself a co-creator of your world. You are creating your world using your internal thoughts, intentions, etc. But you are also creating your world with the people you surround yourself with, the choices you make and the agreements on what is real and what isn't that you have made with the people around you.

Harness the Power Around you

We are working together to create a world that we want to live in on a micro and macro level. You are in charge of yourself in this experience and the role you play in it. The trick is tapping into your deeper connections with the world around you. This will help you see your part in the co-creation and the part of divine wisdom that is available to you, but not required for you to take every single direction given. It is all free will, whether you choose to do it or not, and will serve you in some way to get you back to the divine source of yourself.

These resources that show up in your life based on the vibration of desire you have put out. If it shows up, you don't have to take it, but if you choose to take it, embrace it and let it help you.

Think of it like a choose your own adventure book. The outcomes are the same and the themes are already written. But the path to get there is always new and different depending on the choices you make along the way.

Here is a great video to explain the creation space from Abraham. 

Take your power back

Are you giving up on directing and guiding your own life for the sake of the divine plan? Are you surrendering yourself into inaction, rather than using the surrender to open up your options and views of the world? Ask yourself if you are misinterpreting your "destiny" in someway that is leading you to inaction and powerlessness. That is not the point of all this. That is swinging the pendulum too far in the other direction. Seek balance and know your free will remains intact no matter what you do. How are you going to use it? That is where your experience of the divine plan unfolds into its own mystery.

Set some clear intentions

Often times I see people stuck in the doldrums of their own unconsciousness. They haven't given themselves permission to even know what they want. They put their desires out on other people and the "what ifs" and don't actually use their free will to create what they want out of life. 

Write some things down for yourself. You don't have to know what you want until your life ends, but what do you want now? Tomorrow? Next week? Put some clear intentions around it and show up to make it happen. 

The Battle Between Good and Evil?

Okay, so this is going to be more of a musing rather than an inspiration this week. I have been exploring the concept of dark vs. light energy for awhile now. As most of you know who have had readings with me, I tend to stay on the positive, light, optimistic side of things. People appreciate it, but sometimes people want me to be harsher. "Why don't you tell me like it is? I feel like you are sugar coating it or not telling me how bad it is really going to get." My reason for using this method is a topic for another blog, but it is a combination of guidance from your guides I work with, my personality and what is in both our best interests in a reading that lead me to read this way.

Anyway, I know that the dichotomy we have on this planet requires and opposite to exist for everything. But why is this true? (I don't have  the answer by the way... this is my search.) Is the dark side really "bad" or is it just bad because we make it so in our minds? Is this something we put in front of ourselves to appreciate the "good"? 

I think that we must experience the spectrum of things in order to have emotions about them. Which is what I believe is our primary purpose in these human bodies... to experience emotion and the spiritual lessons they provide.

I just get discouraged when I encounter really "dark" forces. Ones that exist through the weakening of others. Ones that feed off of energy rather than create energy to give. I find myself getting slapped in the face a bit. Me skipping along on my "light" path and boom, fell into a dark hole. Oh man! I tried to keep myself high enough on the path to avoid these holes. Why didn't I avoid them? I get it from a mental level, the reason behind these experiences. I am just wondering, how bad does it get? I believe it is only as bad as your mind will let it get. But I also get shaken around in that belief at times too.

Taking is just a bit further on this topic... what about the devil, demons, etc.? Are these things real? I know they are very real on many levels, but what level do you think? And why and where do these things exist? Are they existing to balance out things? Are they on another dimension wondering why angels, and God, etc. exist?

Finally, I am wondering what we are meant to learn from these encounters. We can't avoid them, I have already tried that and so has everyone I read for. So the next best thing to do is turn and face it and learn what we can for that encounter. It doesn't mean we dwell there, it just means we don't fear it, run from it, or deny it's existence.  Can anyone really dwell only in the light, bright and positive? I know we all try, but maybe by the mere act of trying, we bring more of it in.

Insightful Inspirations for the week

Contemplate this, what is your good and evil battle? Are you afraid of the "evil" or do you face it head on? I want to know how you answer the questions above... please share in the comments.