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Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

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The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is the chakra that enables us to move beyond the physical universe. More is always possible with all of these chakras and this is the one that reminds us of the limitlessness of it all.

This is the chakra that is at the top of the head and in its ideal state, spins in a funnel shape above the head in a white color. This is where people store information about how their higher self and their connect to their unity with humankind. 

This  chakra is the first step into bringing higher-self and divine messages down into the physical body,

The Issues

When the seventh chakra is blocked, we have difficulty having direction and understanding in our life. We often struggle to understand why we are where we are and can blame others and take on a victim mentality.  

  • Spiritual brainwashing

  • Lack of appropriate boundaries

  • Feeling alone or like an outsider even when people are present

  • Addictions to news or education, knowing enough

  • Taking things to literally

When it is unbalanced or blocked, we feel alone, separate from each other or attached to the physical reality such as routines or dramas. It can be us stuck "in our head" or "over thinking" things or it could be lost in "daydreaming". This chakra is also where external information comes in, regardless of source. I often find the news, parents, and other external control factors blocking up people's seventh chakra.

The Emotions

Many of the chakras can relate to self-esteem, but this one relates to how we interact with our truth vs. the external truth of the world. When we are in conflict with who we are inside vs. the person we are presenting or perceived to be by others, it can create a seventh chakra block.

When the seventh chakra is too open, we feel enslaved by rules of society, religion, order that is dictated externally in some way. The emotion of feeling like you don't know anything or can't do anything right might indicate a block int he seventh chakra. 

That which oppresses me, is it my soul trying to come out in the open, or the soul of the world knocking at my heart for its entrance?
— Rabindranath Tagore

When the crown chakra is too closed we can be self absorbed, feel like we are the only ones who can make things happen or know the "right" answers. We may feel frustrated with the behavior of others as a broad statement saying "people are crazy" or "the world has gone mad."

Physical Symptoms

The physical symptoms of a crown chakra imbalance can be tricky to identify and treat on a body level and often don't manifest until another chakra, more body based, is effected. Often times the imbalance can be treated in the lower chakras related to the imbalance, but if the primary cause is a crown chakra block and can often present severe, it is best to seek the help of someone familiar with the subtle energy systems and/or professionals that handle the type of symptoms being experiences. 

When a client has an imbalance, many symptoms can come up. This is just to name a few:

  • Sleep disorders

  • Nervous system disorders

  • Dementia

  • Memory Loss

  • Psychological Disorders

  • Lack of direction or motivation

The People In Our Lives

This chakra is the one more influenced by outside people. People often will use our seventh chakra energy to influence us to buy things, covert to a belief system, or make lifestyle changes. If the influence is done from a pure, higher self, perspective, it might be a good thing. But you always want to check the motives of the outside influence and your reasons for taking in the information before making it your own. 

Parents often block their children's seventh chakra from developing independently, because they want them to stay within their cultural comforts. The rules of life they are abiding by, they want their children to abide by. This is of course great, but if done with an oppressive hand, it can actually cause this chakra to under develop, leaving the individual to always look outside themselves for answers. The seventh chakra doesn't fully develop until after childhood and many different systems have different ideas of when that happens, but at any rate its growth is influenced throughout life. 

The Balancing Act

So how do you balance all this out? Meditation is always a great way to tune into your energy systems. 

But if you are not a big meditator, here are some other ideas.

  • Check in with who you spend your time with, clean up your influences and make an effort to spend time with people that support your truth.

  • Volunteer

  • Explore diversity and find ways to be comfortable around differences.

  • Get to know yourself better. Explore what motivates you, what you love and what you need more deeply through journaling, discussion groups, therapy, etc.

ere is a video from Teal Swan about how to open your crown chakra.

Here are some affirmations for the crown chakra.

  • "I am safe on planet earth.”

  • “I easily connect with my spirit."

  • “I am willing to be here and present in your body.”

If you find any resistance to those affirmations above, that is also a good indication that your root chakra is blocked. Dig in and find out why you are resistant and what you are telling yourself instead.

Are you the one with all the answers?

Doing this work has given me a very clear sense of how much I am addicted to people pleasing. Oh man do I want to make people happy, almost to a fault. However I have also learned through this work that I can not control the information that is being given just to make you happy or tell you what you want to hear. I can give you the positive spin of things, which is the optimistic nature of your guides. But I can't tell you the things you want to hear and the answers you want to have just because you want them. Often time the answer is hidden from view. Just for the sake of the journey. The journey is yours to have and if you already have the map, you may not take all the paths you were meant to. So the truth is kept from you, to help you grow and learn. Some times people feel tricked by this stance. But your guides are just your guides. They don't have all the answers either, nor should they. This is your life to lead. Your answers to figure out.

So when people are seeking answers and not guidance, I am not the help you are looking for. But when you realize that you are always on the right path, it is just helpful to have a flashlight, then you working with your guides and your energy to find YOUR answers. I can help with that!

Insightful Inspiration

If you are looking for someone or something to give you the answers you seek, you are on a fruitless journey. However, if you are willing to see yourself as the answer to all that you want and are, you are on the right track. Others are brought into your life to guide you and help shed light on things, but it is never good for you to give them the power to have your answers. You will get false information and find yourself following thoughts and ideas that are not your own, which never leads you to your happiness. Use others in your life to gain perspective, but seek the truth within yourself in the end.


Separation is kind of the key to all things that ail us in these human bodies. We are separate from one another in form and mind but not in spirit and reality. Together we create our reality, but we do so from separate minds and experiences. This provides a ripe learning ground for our souls, but a lot of complicated matters for our perceptions. When we perceive ourselves to be separate we believe that we must fight another for the resources that are available. We believe that we better or worse than someone else. We believe that judgement  of someone else is necessary to gauge ourselves. We believe that our actions don't always affect others if they don't know about it or see it. We believe that as separate beings we are alone, most of the time. I once heard someone say "You are born alone and you die alone, get use to it."

We are, however, very connected in all ways. Our energy entangle together in all things. We know this deep down within ourselves. Most of us as humans learn compassion and empathy, which leads us to connecting with other people's experiences of the world. Most of us forget at times that others do not know the world exactly as we know it and forget to explain things from our point of view, thinking everyone should already know it. Most of us feel the need to connect with at least one other person on a regular basis, in order to feel fulfilled. Most of us are capable of seeing that our actions do affect others and make choices accordingly. We never completely forget our connection either.

When we see each other as reflections of ourselves, we can begin to see we are fragmenting what was once whole, to better understand it. When we can see that the illusion of separate is mearly an experiement in better understanding, we still respect the connections we all have. When we are able to connect to the real dilemas of being separate we can appreciate the true gift of connection.

Insightful Inspiration for the week

Contemplate this idea that you are a separate being from everyone else around your. Your ideas, experiences, perceptions are all your own, shared by no one. Then contemplate all the ways you are connected to others and how others have effects on you ideas, choices, actions, etc.  Take notice where your actions, feelings, etc. have an effect on others. Are there any adjustments you want to make to this perception of connected versus separate? Do you want to balance this perception out one way or another a little more or are you happy with your current believes. Weigh the benefits of both and see how that automatically shifts your idea on the subject.

Knight Rider Mind

Would you let your car tell you where to go, what to do, or how to be? Of course not! Even if your car was equipped with an artificial intelligence system like the show Knight Rider, you wouldn't let the car run your life! This is basically what we do with our minds. Our thoughts are just part of who we are, yet we let our thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, run our lives. We are driven by our minds on everything from what to wear for the day to what careers we should get into. Even when we start to awaken to something more, we crave information and understanding so that the mind can digest the concept of "awake" and "enlightened". But enlightenment is so much more than just knowing something about the spirit. It the experience of spirit.

Here is where this goes wrong. Your mind is just a tool for you while you are here. When you die, you are not your mind. When you were a baby, you thoughts were still developing, yet you were still you. So although the thought gurus of the metaphysical world, like Louise Hay, says "change your thoughts and change your life"" and this is VERY true, it is also about going beyond the mind completely in order to reconnect with the bigger sense of you.

When you are able to contemplate on all that makes up who you are and what you are doing here, the message becomes much clearer than just your thoughts. The universe responds to this question with experiences that help you unlock your deeper sense of self.

Insightful Inspiration of the week

You are so much bigger than your thoughts. Live you life beyond what you are thinking. Incorporate it into everything else you are experiencing emotions, spirit, sensations, etc. Ask for help from the universe or your God to show you who you really are, beyond your thoughts. Then see what unfolds in your life. Reconnecting with your spirit means shedding the shackles of the illusions that you are only your mind and body and opens you up to the endless possibilities that are already available to you.

Spend some time doing something that helps you quite your mind and see what other parts of yourself shine through.

Does the world know you are into metaphysics?!

This week I had a client ask me about how to work through the fear being projected on her from the outside world about her new methods of embracing metaphysics. It is always a funny concept to me because we often think of our new ideas as strange and unaccetable to the rest of the world. Would you apologize if you were getting more involved in reading the bible or starting a new career? Maybe, if you had a block to it before and it feel strange and unlike the old you. But that is the point isn't it? Not to be the old you, running in circles TRYING to find what makes you happy. You have found a catch and you are going with it. No apologies necessary. Not only that but the people that are around you may reflect the old you that you are shedding. This either means you need new friends or the friends you have will grow with you (not always at the same pace, so be patient). What is doesn't mean is that there is something wrong with you.

If you are establishing new relationships, be it friends or lovers, now is the time to start fresh with the growth. Tell them who you are at this point and time, not who you think they want you to be. That was the old you. The new you is proud of who you are and what you are up to. You don't want to create even more relationships rooted in the false you. It is time to root yourself in YOUR image of you and let the rest of the world take it or leave it. Trust me, there are plenty of people who will gladly take it. It is your gift to give!

Insightful Inspirations of the week

If you feel you aren't safe to fully express who you are, why? What is the worst case scenario? How likely is that scenario? Do you think the real you is unlovable? Do you think the world can't handle the truth of you? What about the concept that the world has a hard time handling all the images you try to pretend are you? The illusions you are projecting of yourself block you off to the fullfillment you want. You can't live the life you want to live if you won't be present to live it. Work with yourself on being more authentic in every situation and make note where you can't. Whether it be a new endevor or something you are just holding onto for a lifetime, work on letting it out. You will be surprised in the gifts it brings.

Chakra Communication - First Chakra and Seventh Chakra

Again, if you aren’t familiar with Chakra’s review the post on first and seventh chakra’s first. There are more on communcation of the chakras in past blogs as well. Grand CanyonThe communication between the seventh and first chakra can be a very powerful one. This is our connection with ourselves as part of a whole. A whole what? A whole universe, consiousness, community, planet, you name it, you are part of more than youself, yet you are alone in your experiences as no one sees it the way you do.

This communication can be a powerful force in helping you understand who you are in a complete and balanced picture. It can give you the strength for follow all of your energy centers forward, because you trust yourself to be safe in the infinate power that is all of us. Neverending and always changing.

When this communication is blocked you feel victimized by the world. You feel disconnected from yourself as it relates to the rest of the world, you feel isolated, lost and sometimes completely depressed.  When I read for people and this communication is blocked (which it often is one of the most blocked spaces) the person generally lacks enthusiasm to keep going. They don't know which direction to head and sometimes they are downright afraid to try.

You might feel like you don't belong here, that you are a stranger on this planet. You may have a "get them, before they get you" attitude. You might feel competition and insecurity around people who seem "better" than you. Bottom line is, you feel threatened by how separate you feel from the rest of the world.

Insightful Inspriation of the week

Notice where you are blocking yourself to the wisdom that is yours to have with the divine guidance of all that you are part of. Do you feel competitive and protective of your ideas? Do you feel like you have to get ahead before someone else does or there won't be room for both of you? Rest in the knowing that when we are in alignment with giving our gifts to the world, it is our unique gift to give and no one else has this to offer. They may do it similar to you, but it isn't the same, and those that need your gift will receive it and you will receive you rewards for sharing that gift. There is plenty to go around of what we all want, because none of us want exactly the same thing.  This week, share your self authentically and openly, without fear that someone will take advantage of it, or abuse it. Give without expecation of receiving and allow things to unfold as they will.

Do you feel alone and as if no one understands you? No one does understand you completely. No one sees the world though your eyes. Your perception is made up of a complex matrix of your personality, experiences, concepts of the world and soul purpose. You are not meant to be understood fully, as you are unique and divine in your difference. Embrace the safety of knowing no one knows anyone on this dimension completely. No one is understood fully, yet there is nothing to understand. Let go of the need to convince others that your perception is accurate. It is... and so is everyone else's no matter how different it is from yours.

This weeek, just feel safe to be who you are and have peace in knowing who you are as one individual and one as a collective.

As always, I encourage you to comment and discuss!

May your foundation be based in authenticity and peace.