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Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

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Shifts in Collective Consciousness - Take Care of Yourself

Updated post, original post October 2009.

Let’s face it, we are all connected and when things are hard for a few of us, they are hard for all of us. As the energies accelerate and old ways of functioning shift out of the way and new ways of being arrive, we feel it. Sometimes we deeply feel it and not always as light and love.

When we are experiencing major upheavals in our bodies and lives we often resist, try to understand and control what is happening. The more major and collective the shift, the more resistance there is. That is the nature of the collective. This intensification of energy starts to show up in various ways, either in our bodies our psyche and our relationships and can leave us asking “what’s happening?!”

Facing the End

As endings arrive we face our fear of the unknown. We have to revisit our values and find new meaning in how we are in the world. Ending of past patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving us begin to show up and peel away, sometimes in dramatic ways. It could show up as job loss, divorce, death, etc. as a result.

It may feel like everything is the same on the other side until you step through and find a whole new world.

It may feel like everything is the same on the other side until you step through and find a whole new world.

But even if you are not experiencing collective shifts as a major life altering end on the outside, it is still going on internally. You may be experiencing fatigue, dizziness, fogginess, random illnesses, etc.

There is a lot of unconscious clearing going on for all of us during the time of change. When you surrender to the idea it is going to be a great thing in the end, you allow for shifts to happen in support of your highest frequency instead of your old patterns. It is about making it to the other side without resisting or at least minimizing it.

We have to clear the garden to grow even more beautiful plants.  

Take Care of Yourself

Our bodies take a hit during times of big change as well. It is important to take care of yourself and listen to your needs at the time of this shift. If you need a nap, take a nap. If you need to take a day or week off, do it. Take care of yourself during times of big change.

Nothing is wrong with you, you are just having to let go of old patterns that you have been using for so long. It feels like a death of sorts, which obviously can be uncomfortable. Notice what you are going through and try and keep yourself grounded. If you are not able to feel grounded, call a friend or get involved with a group. I guarantee you are  not the only one going through the shift and it will help you work through it if you can share your thoughts and ideas with others.

One of the first tools of energy healing is grounding. Here is a simple technique to try on your own. #grounding #heal #energyhealing

Give yourself permission to go inward and listen to what you really want right now. Honor that and know you are doing the best you can right now.

The Root Chakra

Chakras are just a way to describe energy centers in our bodies. We use different sources of energy in order to be and manifest in the world. There are several different schools of thought regarding chakras, so I am writing from my own experiences and awareness, not from a specific school of thought. 

By paying attention to energy fields, you are sending an intention to yourself and your energy to rise to a conscious level of manifestation. You can then use that awareness and intention to refine your energy fields and become a more conscious creator.

Pay attention to your root chakra and see what you can manifest by paying more attention to it. This is the chakra that is at the base of your spine and in its ideal state, spins clockwise in a red color. This is where you store information about survival.


What we think we need and what we actually need can be two different things. Here are common influencers of the root chakra:

·       Money

·       Home

·       Job

·       Life and death

·       How we felt in early childhood about life

·       A sense of community or belonging here

What I've found in this chakra as I have read people is mostly about money, home life, losing children, and loss in general.  I have seen all kinds of things stir up someone's survival space that you might not expect. But primarily, you can think of it this way . . .what do you think you couldn't survive without? Food, water and air are obvious answers. But really think about this question. What worries you the most in regard to feeling you can survive life?

The Emotions

This chakra is really helpful to clear out and balance if you experience a lot of fear or anxiety.

It is also very helpful to focus on when you want to feel strong, centered, and capable. 

It is most beneficial to focus on what you want to feel, not what you don't want to feel. So if you have identified an anxiety pattern or fear, ask yourself first "What is this fear trying to bring to me?" Once you hear what you are trying to receive, recognize this as an unmet need this negative emotion is trying to meet. Then focus on that unmet need that the negative emotions are calling attention to and try to find ways to gain what you need.

For example, if you're feeling angry about something someone said, when you dig into the anger you find that you want stronger boundaries and your anger is providing that. With that awareness you can focus on the boundaries and not the anger. 

Nothing is as important as we make it, especially if we are feeling disconnected, weary, scared, or just plain bad. Dig into the lies you tell yourself and see if you can let go of some of them. See if you can shrink the story down in your mind and take it piece by piece rather than the whole thing having to be solved right now. 



The physical symptoms of a root chakra imbalance are easy to notice. When it is balanced you feel safe, calm and ready to tackle anything and your body feels good.

When you have an imbalance, many symptoms can come up. This is just to name a few:

·       Lower back problems

·       Rapid heart rate

·       Fight or flight sensations

·       Shallow breathing

·       Numbness or pain in the lower limbs

When you body is talking to you about an imbalance though pain or discomfort, give it attention in a loving way. We often try and shame our bodies back into functioning properly. Instead, love it first and ask what it needs. Give it gratitude for holding onto the imbalance and making you aware of it. 

You can't make positive changes if you are disgusted with or shaming yourself. First you need to accept yourself and know you are doing the best you can, and then go from there.


Believe it or not, people can plug into our chakras and draw off energy from us. They can do it to us while in our presence or not. 

If you have children, they can end up in there because we feel we wouldn't survive losing them. If the children are young and rely on you for survival, it makes sense that they are connected to you there. Once they get older, you want them to anchor into their own sense of safety, independent from what you can offer them.

We are tribal people and the root chakra can be influenced by who we consider our tribe to be or how we interact with those around us. That tribal sense can lead us to give our power away or take it from others. 

Other people end up in this chakra if they tell us we can't survive without them or if you think someone can't survive without you. It is a much healthier act of love to encourage self-reliance and independence in the survival space. The tribe can work together in the survival space, but from an energy standpoint, you can only draw on your own source energy when working together.  

The Balancing Act

So how do you balance all this out? Meditation is always a great way to tune into your energy systems. 

But if you are not a big meditator, here are some other ideas.

·       Surround yourself with people that make you feel safe.

·       Create a sanctuary in your home you can go to that represents safety when you are feeling out of balance (it doesn't have to be big).

·       Eat root vegetables.

·       Connect with nature and express gratitude for the earth.

·       Chant LAM (sound for the root chakra).

·       Visualize roots reaching into the earth and grounding you here.

There are many videos and meditations out there. I love the ones with nice sounds. Here is one. 


Here are some affirmations for the root chakra.

·       "I am safe."

·       "The world supports me and wants me here."

·       "I am grounded."

·       "I love my body being in the physical world." 

If you find any resistance to those affirmations above, that is also a good indication that your root chakra is blocked. Dig in and find out why you are resistant and what you are telling yourself instead.  

In my office I carry some awesome sprays that help with balancing the chakras and give you something to carry with you. Let me know if you want to try one at 

Happy balancing. Book an appointment below if you need further assistance with balancing your energy. 

Trust yourself and you can trust anything

We are finding it hard to trust anything any more. What once seemed certain is no longer and what someone tells us is going on can't be trusted. Gone are the days of being able to trust blindly. You can't look to others for the truth. Is all lost? Are we victims of a society that is gone wrong? Or maybe we are shifting to an age where we no longer look outside of ourselves to find the truth. We are shifting to the only thing we can trust is ourselves. However we don't even trust that! When we are making this shift to having to trust ourselves first we get resentful, angry and blame each other for this shift. We fight it and blame others "damn you, now I have to listen closer to myself next time!"

However, what if you could trust everything outside yourself because you could trust yourself, with 100% certainty, that you are always aligning with your highest good? What if you could see the wisdom of your ways without fear of  mistakes, being taken advantage of, or going down a path you never intended? You can!

When you are in alignment with yourself, listening to your internal wisdom, seeing the beauty of your life from the connected eyes of trusting yourself, you see a world that free. You open up to your experiences because you aren't afraid of them. You experience things to the highest possible level because you trust your judgement of when to stop without second guessing. You engage fully in relationships without fear of misunderstanding another's intentions and getting hurt.

How do I trust myself on this level, you ask? Well, it starts with being willing to try to stop thinking of the concept of self trust is bad! It is the only thing you have, but when you have it, everything else can be trusted too. You have been doing it backwards. Start taking time to tune in and pay attention to your gut.

Insightful Inspiration

Start making a habit to listening to your gut. Start working on the issues that keep you from that trust in yourself. If you aren't trustworthy, why not? If you can't trust you, how can you expect anyone else to and how can you trust anyone else? I am not saying the voices in your head are all correct. But if you start to listen, you can start to tell the difference between what is good guidance and was isn't. This is one of the biggest questions you can ask yourself, can I be trusted? If you can't, time to find out why. Make a change so you can freely live your life without blame of others and without fear of yourself?

Feel Your Feet

When you listen to recorded meditations you often are told to feel your body. Feel your feet, your legs, etc. This slows down and distracts the mental self. It gives it something to do. It also brings you into awareness of yourself, reminding you of yourself in the separate body, because we are often unconsciously melding with the world.  It helps you bring yourself back to the parts that are you with helps with centering and grounding, two things essential for your energetic health. It is often said in metaphysics, where your attention goes energy flows. So I would suppose the opposite is true, where your attention doesn’t go energy doesn’t flow. What would happen to your body, life, energy if you just shifted this one thing? Started flowing energy to a part of your body that is frequent left out. What would happen if every morning for 1 minute, you focus on bringing energy to place inside of you? Why not experiment and see… I am not going to tell you what to expect, but trust me, even the littlest of changes in your energy awareness can have big effects. Pain in those places does not have to be the only way for it to get attention.

Insightful Inspiration of the week

But my blog for you today is not only to remember to breathe and feel your body throughout the day, but to notice what you don’t notice. Pay attention to the parts of your body you ignore or reject. The parts of you, you really don’t allow your consciousness to. Maybe it is your feet or maybe it is your belly because you don’t like the way it looks. It could be your back because when you think about it, it hurts. Just make a mental note of the part of your body that is most ignored. Then spend one minute a day sending loving energy to that place. Visualizing energy moving around this ignored spot in your body. Then pay attention to any shifts that occur. As always, you are welcome to share your experiences.

Chakra Communication - First and Sixth Chakra

SignAgain, if you aren't familiar with Chakra's review the post on first and sixth chakra's first. There are more on communcation of the chakras in past blogs as well. Today we are going to explore communication between the first and sixth chakras. The first chakra being about survival and the sixth being about intuition and analysis. We as humans are always trying to feel safer by analyzing the outcomes of things. We are all about survival and we use all of our energy centers to do it. Thinking through different scenarios and trying to predict the safety of a situation. Analyzing, which path has the safest outcome.

When this communication is working, we sense things about our safety. Like when not to take a different way home or wait a few minutes to leave, later to find out there was an accident on the road you would have been on.  When it is broken, we worry and fret and analyze ourselves into paralysis about what is the right choice to keep us safe. For example you may over analyze your budget for a trip you are planning, trying to predict every possible outcome to make sure you have your basis covered. (I know some of you may argue this is playing it safe, but it gets your energy stuck.)

In readings, I often see people are not taking the steps forward in their life, that they intuitively know are right, because they haven't convinced themselves it is safe to do so yet. This could be because they are addicted to outside approval or simply because past mistakes seemed so bad, they don't want to chance it again.

Insightful Inspiration of the Week

Are you letting your intuition lead you in the right direction with trust and understanding, or are you trying to prove to yourself something is safe without letting your inutition have a say? Is the communication balanced between the two centers?

Is the sixth chakra running the first? Do you analyze and try and predict the outcome of your safety? Do you try and prove to your mental self that you are safe even though your physical self already knows it? Do you try and make someone else tell you that the decisions you are making are good ones?

Is the first running your sixth? Do you intuitively know you should be doing something different with your life, but you just don't know if it is safe to try? Do you have a tugging on your heart that you are meant to do something more, but you can't give up the predictability of a paycheck and stable job? Check in with yourself. Are you sacrificing your greatness for a false safety that is grounded in things you have no control of? 

Ground your inutition though yourself. Listen to your energy signals to tell  you your intuition is leading you on a safe path. Allow yourself to connect that it is safe to just "know" rather than needing analytical proof. Listen to yourself and understand you are safe and have everything you need while you do it.

Have an enlightening week!