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Are those mine or yours? - Contagious Emotions

Emotions seem to be the easiest thing to share amongst friends; it's almost like a virus. One person feels happy and passes on to the next and the next and so on. That is ideal... but not always how it goes.

More often one person in line is angry and yelling at the cashier which puts you in a "what is wrong with people?" mood which leads you to go home and yell at your kids, which makes them mad at the each other and so on. Emotions are contagious and the sooner we learn to recognize the difference between our emotions and the people we are with, the easier time we will have in knowing ourselves.

Empathy as a survival skill

Empathy is defined by dictionary.comas "the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another." If you are experiencing the feelings, thoughts or attitudes of another, how do you know you are acting in your own best interest and not the person you are empathizing with? If you are identifying with someone else's emotions and making decisions based on those emotions, they may not be right for you.

Empathy can be a survival skill. When we are born we can't talk yet and don't know much about the reality we have just arrived in. With this skill of empathy, we can read each others thoughts and emotions and make decisions on how we will engage with the environment.

"What am I really feeling?"

Things go off track when we don't know where our thoughts and feelings start and the other person's begin. We are always picking up on each other's energy in subtle ways. We feel each others state of mind and often change our behavior and feelings about the situation accordingly.

If you can begin to acknowledge when this sharing of energy is happening, you can begin to understand yourself more clearly and start setting new intentions. By paying attention to your ability to pick up on other people's thoughts and emotions, you begin to see when you are letting someone else's negativity win.

By becoming aware of how easily you change course based on what another person is doing or feeling you will be able to stop being a victim of others and empower yourself to dictate your mood and actions. 

What mood are you bringing to the room?

It is also helpful to observe those around you, especially children, as they pick up on your moods. Watch for that moment from when they switch over to what they were feeling independently to what they are feeling when they notice you.  Then ask yourself, is this how I want others to feel around me? 

You have more power than you think. If you walk into a room defensive and uptight, that is how the room will respond. This isn't to control how everyone else is feeling, but just to set an intention within yourself of the influence you want to be in the world. 


What is the value of frustration? It is a feeling we have all felt and worked with. On a higher level, what is the purpose of it? Wikipedia has frustration defined as "a common emotional response to opposition." If we disect that a bit, it is basically our response to things around us not being in alignment with where we are. So does that mean we should change or the environment around us needs to change? I 100% believe, based on personal experience as well as working with clients, that when we change ourselves, the environment automatically responds. If we are aware of our inner workings, we will be aware of what our frustration is truly asking for. The difficulty is that frustration is often very distracting from doing anything mindfully, unless you let it. Abraham-Hicks says that everything is about two things, what is wanted and what isn't. What ever you put energy on expands and often when we are frustrated we focus on what is frustrating us, which is what isn't wanted, which causes it to expand. This blogger,, posted the emotional scale leading back to peace, based on Abraham-Hicks' teachings. So if we follow this theory, we focus on the source of frustration,which causes us to feel overwhelmed, which if we focus on what is overwhelming us, causes us to be dissappointed, when we focus on the disappointment, we go into doubt... and so on. We are in a downward spiral until we either hit bottom (Fear) or reverse what we are focusing on.

So lets apply this to a standard struggle... finding a job you love and enjoy. If you are feeling frustrated with the idea that you don't have a job you love and enjoy and you focus on what you don't have, you will slip down this scale. However, if you use this feeling to help you realize what you do want, a job that fulfills you and comes to you easily, then you may at first feel like it isn't possible to have it, but if you still continue to focus on what you want, your pesimissim will fade and you will just begin to be bored with your current situation, which may motivate you to have optimism that if you use that boredom to focus on what you want you can have it. Up that ladder you go! As long as you continue to choose to focus on what you want, you should be able to rise up to what you can feel joy over. To some, this sounds impossible. But let me tell you... this is so true. Difficult to practice some times, because we are trained to focus on what isn't working... but SO true if you consciously choose your path.

Insightful Inspiration of the week

Choose the path to joy. Use your frustration to tell you what you are in opposition about. What are you trying to point out to yourself. If you can work on letting yourself focus on what you want, regardless of the apparent obsticles, you will prove to yourself your own power over your life and well being. Give it a shot and share with me on Facebook what keeps you from being able to follow through with this, we might be able to give you some ideas on what will help you continue to move in the right direction!

Choosing to be happy

I have blogged a lot about perspectives and perceptions and how they can be changed to change your experience in any given situation. But what if no matter what you do, you can't think positively? What if you are a totally connected person most of the time, but today you just can't see the good in the world? Is something wrong with you? Do you have a block? Are you loosing your enlightenment?!! :) No, of course not. The human experience is designed to be a range of experiences. The good, the bad, the hard, the easy... all wrapped up into one giant box called life. You can't always choose to be happy about where you are. If you were in the Japan earthquakes right now, would you be able to just choose your way to happiness? If you were in the Congo witnessing inhuman acts of violence, would you just choose to be happy? NOPE! That is ridiculous.

The key to all of this is that you choose to be happy when it make sense and you allow other emotions to take over when they make more sense. Here is how this works. If you are on vacation and things seem to just keep going wrong, you luggage is lost, your flight is delayed, your tired and hungry and all there is to eat is crappy airport food. In this situation you CAN choose to be happy. You are on vacation for goodness sake. You may not be doing what you want, but you are safe, you are sheltered and you have the potential to be somewhere great soon. So make the best of it and go exploring the airport. :)

Here is another example, let's say you are being judged by someone else for something they think you did wrong. You try and apologize, you try to explain yourself, but all this person wants to do is make you feel like crap about yourself. Time to choose happiness? Not in my opinion. Time to feel your feelings, set your boundaries and remove yourself from a toxic situation as fast as you can and THEN choose happiness. Your negative emotions are not meant to be suppressed, they are a guide, telling you what is going on. Listen to them, weigh your options, and then choose a route that leads you back to your choice of happiness.

How do you tell which experience is a choose happiness experience or feel the negative experience? You just need to spend sometime asking yourself this.  You will know. Does it help me to feel negative right now? Is there something else I am being called to do? Can I change things? Is there a call to change things or just wait?

Insigthful Inspiration for the week

Choose happiness when you can this week, but also pay attention to those negative emotions. What are those negative feelings trying to tell you? Is there something you can do to change the situation you are in? Does it make sense to just try and change your perspective  or change the situation?  You decide.

Snowflakes in your hand

There hasn't been much snow yet this year in Broomfield, Colorado. We are getting a little bit of dusting today, which inspired me to see things in the metaphors that I always see things in. When a snowflake falls into your hand, it is there for just a minute before it melts away. If you hold a snowball in your hand, it may take a bit longer, but eventually it would melt away and you wouldn't be able to hold onto it.

Life is just like this snowflake and all issues you struggle to overcome too. Some issues are like little snowflakes that land on you just for a minute and some are more like snowballs (and may even feel like snow boulders!) and take a bit longer to dissipate and might even make your hands freeze, but eventually do disappear. We all know that this is how life is, yet we some how fret and analyze the issues in our life as if knowing that issue will make it go away or easier to handle. We don't trust the process. We feel that we must do something with that issue that has landed in our laps, when sometimes there is nothing to do but to hold the issue gently and let it melt away.

Insightful Inspirations of the week

Do I sound like a broken record when I say "ease up on the issues of life"?  Well maybe I am just saying it in a new way so you will finally get it. :)

This week, take a pressing issue that is on your mind and just see it, watch it, hold it in your hand. Picture it as a snowflake in your hand. Something you will only get to notice for a minute before it transforms into something else. Bring healing energy, with intention, to this issue and visualize it melting away. Then just wait. See how the issue changes for you over the next couple of days as you let your intentions bring awareness and healing to the tasks at hand.

If you live somewhere, where it doesn't snow... then your second task is to notice what other temporary beauties the earth brings you this message in. A wave, a handful of sand, etc. I would love for you to share that temporary beauty with us.

Learn your lesson already!

This topic is by request. If you would like to request a topic feel free to post it to my facebook page or send me an email at I have often been found saying that you don't have to learn your lessons the hard way, you choose to. This doesn't mean that some bad things don't just happen. But for the most part, the struggles that arrive in our life, especially with other people, often carry a message you have agreed to learn. I believe we agree to teach each other things about the way things work and often times to agree to be pretty hard on us until we do learn it. It is the concept that the message is first whispered, then it is said loudly and finally a ton of bricks are dropped on your head and it is screamed into your ear.

We often dismiss the whispers. Why? Well, it can be for a variety of reasons, but mostly because we are stuck in one way of being. Until we are ready to adopt a new way of being, we tend to try and stick with our standard plans. When something comes along and knocks us off of our axis, we tend to throw our arms up and say "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!" and finally listen to the answer. Not always though... we might try and still cling to the old way of being, making it even harder on ourselves and daring the universe to knock us over again and undoubtedly it will.

So the question for this blog is really, how do I know what lessons I am trying to learn before I get knocked off my axis? (Correct me if I have the question wrong, but this is the question I am answering.) I don't have an easy answer for you, but I can give you a few tips as your insightful inspiration for the week.

Sometimes however, you just have to experience what you are experiencing (rather than avoid it) in order to learn your lesson. Sometimes even knowing the lesson doesn't teach it to you. It is like telling a child the basic concept of multiplication and then saying go do it, including the entire range of numbers large and small. It is difficult to tell you in a blog how to address this fully and completely because life is the school. But I can give you a place to start so that you can be more aware in your lessons rather than being victimized by them. Use my suggestions as a place to start and then build your own list.

First and formost, go EASY on yourself. You can't expect a baby to know all about the world just becuase they are in it. It takes experiences and perceptions and the ability to self reflect to get the picture and even that isn't the full picture. If you are trying to learn a lesson to avoid the consequences of what you think is coming, you might be missing the point. You aren't learning the lesson, you are trying to manipulate the lesson. :)

Insightful Inspiration of the week 

If you are struggling with something right now that you can't quite understand the meaning of, you might be up against a major soul lesson. This is where being present really counts. Because if you are bringing in the past, present and future hypothetical into this issue, you could be clouding the lesson.

First, remember you can ask for help. Guides, Angles, God... what ever you pray to, they listen and they help. So send your love to your higher source (or yourself if you can't quite get beyond yourself right now) and ask for help. Ask for clarity, understanding and the grace to accept the lesson.  Then listen for the answer. Notice the world around you and see what messages are trying to come through. Trust that these are your answers, regardless of the form they take. 

Second, anchor yourself in NOW. This is where the lesson is being presented. Don't project into the future about the what ifs. Look at what is happening right now. Also notice what is NOT happening right now. Be present with your fears, feelings and thoughts. They are your road map to what you are trying to heal. If you are afraid, ask why. Drill in, find out where this fear is rooted in and allow yourself to ask "is this really happening or do I just think it might happen."

Third, give yourself compassion. You are not going to always know right away why you did something. You may have to just trust that the clarity will come later and right now, you just need to be present to see when the messages come. Beating yourself up for not knowing or being in the situation to begin with only drives the pain and hurt deeper and gives you more to do later.

Finally, don't rush through it. Don't make irrational choices just to hurry up and make something happen. People often try to get out of uncomfortable feelings by rushing through things or asking everyone they know for advice so they can say they "tried" to do the "right" thing. Remind yourself that this too shall pass and ride the wave the best you can.


As promised, there were a few topics requested that I add for the Oracle deck. So this is the last one. Completion. We have all heard the saying "every end is a new beginning". But what does that mean exactly? There are some things in life you can't have until you have a free hand, which means you have to let go of something else. Things like relationships, jobs, and home, typically (for most of us) runs in ones and twos. So you can't have the next house until you sell the old house, or you can't have the next relationship until you end the current one.

We often resist change because we are so wrapped up in the loss of letting something go and we don't yet know what it will be replaced with. We fear it will never be this good again. We are afraid of the possibility that this is as good as it gets and it can only go down from here. When we allow ourselves to dream of the future and trust miracles are coming, we open ourselves up to the gifts of the universe. When we fear we close ourselves off and keep ourselves trapped in a cycle of loss.

It is like a bird flying for the first time. The nest is cozy and safe, but letting go of the nest is important for the bird's survival and eventually, they just take off and fly.

Insightful Inspiration for the week

What phase is coming to a close for you right now? Are you letting it end, or are you clinging to like a lead anchor? What can you do to support yourself in letting go of that phase and coming into the new phase? What are your fears behind this end? What are your hopes and dreams? Let yourself imagine and expect the best. You are ready for clarity and new adventures.

Mentally messy

Today is going to be what I would call, a "mentally messy" day. These are the kinds of days where you get in your head and rummage around, trying to make sense of things. The messiest part of it is that it is about things that I think I already had figured out. Do you feel like sometimes you are trying so hard to get it, then you do, and then it falls apart again only to discover another layer you haven't figured out yet? It may even completely disprove what you thought you already knew. Does that mean you were wrong in the first place? Of course not. It was right at the time, things have just shifted. If you could let go of the mental space of it, you would quickly see there is magic in the movement. The mind is a tricky thing and you can't trust it. That is why it is always helpful to go deeper with yourself. Have the conversations beyond the mental space. Move into the knowing, being, presence of it all.

Insightful Inspiration for the week

See where things get mentally messy for you. Notice, when you are getting "in your head" about the issue. That part of you that says you must weigh all of your options, understand the situation, or mentally massage the outcome. See if you can just watch and be a witness to your own mind.  Pay attention to how quickly your mind can take over and unground you in the reality of the situation. Check in with the imbalance of power within yourself.  Bring yourself back to center with it and let the mind work in concert with your spirit and your body. This is the power of all that you are. You are not just your thoughts, but they are a powerful force in your life. Take note and use that power to create the life you want not the life you think you should have.

Be on your intuition's side

I was out to dinner with a dear friend of mine, when she asked me the question I get frequently which is "how do I know when to trust my intuition?".  My response of course is normally always! But the message that came to mind was perfect for her and perhaps most of you. The message was to assume your intuition is always right, unless proven otherwise, rather than the other way around. Most people work on in favor of the logical brain. The one that figures things out, thinks through things, makes "logical" decisions. What we forget is that even our logical brain is being driven by our intuition.  Things that are seemingly chance, line up, and we impulsively think through the choices of the given situation without research or asking someone else for those choices. This is all intuition.

However, we stifle this gift of intuition sometimes by taking the logical brain too far. Letting it run things. We let it win over on what started the whole thing to begin with. We choose the side of the logical brain vs. the intuitive side. The second part of the message was let your intuition win every time for a bit and see how it goes. Rather than siding with the logical side, try siding with that gut impulse.

Insightful Inspiration for the week

This week, try and side try assuming your intuition is always right. When you find yourself asking "is this my intuition or just wishful thinking?"  side with the answer intuition (unless all evidence points to something contrary). Try siding with your intuition, trusting it, loving it and using it the way it is intended... without the control of the logical side.  The logical brain is a gift too, but it isn't meant to snuff out the intuitive side. They are meant to work in concert, shifting back and forth to bring you where you want to be.

As always, I encourage you to share with me on Facebook about how this is going. Have an intuitive week.

Choices... too many choices

As I work out decisions and issues in my lives I see the issue with having so many choices. We want freedom to choose and the options available, but sometimes all of those options cause stress. The question becomes is it more stress to have the options or NOT to have the options. I personally still prefer the struggle over the options vs. the limitations.  I am grateful for the opportunity to get to know myself and what I do want, when presented the choices. Sometimes people turn to me to answer these questions on choices for them. I understand the lure of it. I wish I had all of the answers and knew the BEST choice at all times. But the truth is, sometimes the best choice is the "wrong" choice, because it takes us where we want to go on a level we couldn't do with our thinking mind A friend of mine gave me an article today about how people can get addicted to having someone else tell them what to do next, aka calling psychic hotlines. I don't have a psychic hotline... in fact, I don't charge by the minute and I rarely work with anyone without an appointment.  But, I do still see people lured into the idea that someone else might be able to tell them what decision to make.

If you have had a reading with me, you know I don't give you any answers, just information about the energy regarding each of your choices. Then you are free to choose as you wish. That being said sometimes it is helpful to get another energetic perspective in that regard. But never to take away from your own intuition on what is right.

Insightful Inspiration of the week

Take a pressing matter you have in your mind right now. Something you think you "should" decide on soon. Maybe it is about a relationship, a job, or just what to have for dinner. Layout all of your options on a piece of paper. Listen to yourself about these choices. Have a conversation with yourself.

Is the issue that you feel you don't have enough choices or you have too many? How can you give yourself more choices? Get creative. There are always new ideas to be had in regards to choices. If you have too many, are there ones that are just there because you want to weigh all of the options? Do you really need them on your list?

Do you have to decide right now? Can you wait until things get a little clearer?

How does each choice feel in your body. Does your stomach clench up when you think about doing it? Does your energy feel lighter when you think of that choice?

Breath deeply into the choices you have and see if anyone feels more peaceful than the rest.

See if you can just step back now from the decision and come back to it later. Not to be procrastinating, but to let yourself see things as they unfold after you spend some time with it. Let yourself off of the hook a little bit too. If this seems like a challenging decision do get some perspective. Ask a for help, find a counselor, minister, or someone you can trust to help you get some perspective. There is no harm in asking for help from your guides and the universe either.

Have a fabulous week!

Being decisive

Sometimes I find that we have trouble being decisive. People often call me to help them make a decision. I try to careful not to tell them what to do or how to do it... that is their choice to make. But walking that line of giving enough information that might help them tap into their own clarity better and make decisions with confidence and ease. Decisions seem to be a constant dilemma we all deal with in our lives. Making decisions isn't always easy, but my guides are always telling me that we give it too much credit. We are just choosing what experience we would like to have, nothing more. Why do we fret over things as if they are life or death then? Our egos! Making a decision and moving forward with it without looking back or regretting it later is a huge gift you can give yourself. It helps you be present rather than always looking into the past and future about what you did or didn't do right or wrong.

Insightful Inspiration for the week

Work on being decisive this week. Make decisions and move forward with them. Notice when you are judging yourself about them or trying to control the outcome of them. See if you can let that go. If not, ask yourself why you are getting hung up there. What are you really afraid of? What do you need to make you feel okay with this decision? How can you give that to yourself? As doubt and fears come up, notice. This is your key to the things blocking you from what you want. Work with it with love and see how this shifts your energy. As always, I encourage you to share your ideas on this with me and others on my facebook page.