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Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

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Good energetic hygiene

When people come for a session with me they get an energy bath.  I clean off patterns that are not supportive, foreign energy, other people in your space. Etc. This give people the sense of lightness, ease, and peace that helps them stand in their own power. But it is even more important for everyone to learn good energetic hygiene for themselves. It is like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. You wouldn’t go years without doing that! Yet many of us neglect our energy fields and don’t acknowledge the power it has over how we feel and what we can accomplish.

The problem is none of us were trained to wash our energy. So you might need a little guidance, just to get your conscious mind around what it means to “clean” your energy field. There are books out there that you can get about these topics. There are classes you can take online and in person. The resources are out there and I highly encourage you to use them.

Insightful Inspiration for the week

Establish a daily energetic cleansing technique for yourself and commit to doing it for at least a week. Notice what shifts as you do this. Here are some ideas on what you could do (it doesn’t have to take long). I always encourage you to explore what works for you and come up with your own technique.

Phase one: Grounding

  • Visualize a grounding cord from your tail bone, dropping down to the center of the earth and connecting. Then open up as wide as your hips, making it hollow for full release.
  • Go outside and site in the grass with your socks off.
  • Visualize growing roots out of your butt and your feet, into the earth, feel the roots bringing nourishment back into your body from the earth.

Phase two: Cleansing

  • Visualize a silver shower, rinsing away any energy that is not supporting you.
  • Sit in the sun and take in the warmth allowing it to release any energy that is not supporting you.
  • Rub your hands together and then pull them apart just an inch. Feel the energy surging between them, then use your hands to wipe off any energetic debris.

Phase three: Filling in

  • Imagine a huge, golden sun above your head, calling all your energy from all directions in time back into it and then draining the golden energy into the top of your head, into your entire body and space around you.
  • Feel the spark of divine light in your belly button and allow it to expand and fill in your body and space around you.
  • Notice a source of light above your head, allow that light to shine into your body and the space around you.

Phase four: Shielding

  • Imagine a rose in front of you, representing your energy, just outside your space. Ground it to the center of the earth and let it collect up all the energy of the world and process it for you.
  • Surround yourself with white light.
  • Use hematite jewelry or some other material that represents protection for you and allow it to shield your energy throughout the day.

Share you techniques with us on Facebook. If you have had an energy bath with me, share with us how that helped you in your daily life and give your insights on how your attention to this fact can help you going forward.