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Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

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Don't spread the discontent

Often we  are a cluster of pain programs and suffering. Natalie Merchant's "Break Your Heart" lyrics "don't spread the discontent, don't spread the lies" is excellent advice to move past that stage into one of contentment. 

You have heard it a thousand times from me and other self-help guidance counselors to "think positive" or "love yourself first." Of course you know that is what you are supposed to do. So why aren't you doing it?

The Shame of Thinking Positively

Thinking positive isn't always well received by our peers and authority figures. Often when we come to our bosses with good news, they shame us into noticing what is broken and needs to be fixed. We get obsessed at looking at what isn't working as a way to try and encourage it to work. 

Our peers perceive our positive thinking as naive or thoughtless. They see us taking our eyes away from what needs to be done to focus on the flakey behavior of "free thinkers" and rebels.

See if you can find your positive-thinking shamers and as kindly as you can, ask them to help you shift. Make them your biggest advocates for positive thinking. If they aren't up to the job, or you don't feel like you can ask them, work on releasing their opinion from the top of the meaningful pile. Try and reduce how seriously you take their opinion and know they are projecting their own limitations onto you.

Suffering to Deserve

Another thing we often do is "suffer enough to deserve."  Sick enough to deserve help. Worked hard enough to deserve a break. Struggled enough to deserve something better. 

Catch yourself "suffering to deserve." Shift it up and allow yourself permission to deserve from a different place. Deserve help because we all desire connection and to help each other. Deserve a break because you are always doing your best. Deserve something better because you have learned from your mistakes and are ready to learn from your successes too.

Expectations and Assumptions

You cannot pretend you don't feel bad, that is suppression of your energy. But what I am suggesting is to check in when you are stuck in automatic pilot with feeling bad. You can feel bad and then give yourself permission to feel good.

Even when you look around and don't see any good yet. This isn't a fake it activity. This is just about realizing that in what you expect to see is what you will see. If I suggest to you to notice all the blue cars on the road today, you will. Your mind enhances what you focus on. If you expect to see kindness and love from people, you will. Change up your expectations to find negative experiences lurking around every corner. Change up your assumptions about people and how you will be treated and see what happens next. This doesn't mean there won't be people who will hurt you or be rude, but your mind will hold onto the positive experiences more easily.

Here is more on how beliefs are driving your experiences from my Coaching Club videos.

The pull to the truth

What keeps us going? What makes us press on even when we can't possibly find the will to do so? k.d. lang's song Constant Cravings comes to mind. It is about that march onward. Most of us are driven to ask the questions about why and how at least once. This is what I call the pull to the truth. What is the truth? Well there is a whole wikipedia page that will tell you there is never a simple answer to anything. (yet there is) has five meanings for truth. What a complicated answer I seek. Yet it isn't.

To me we all have a pull to our own truth. A need to identify for ourselves what IS and IS NOT. As children we start off looking at other for the truth, but quickly we begin to notice that there is a difference between our truth and those around us. It may cause us to rebel, act out or conform to a way that isn't our true nature. Where do we find our true nature? How do we know it when we find it?

But the pull to the truth exist in each and every one of us. The desire to see our lives, purpose and existence for what it really is. However, the answer is only inside ourselves because the measure of truth for each of us is different and the only way to see that measure is to look at ourselves.

"Actual existence" is one of the definitions on What is actual existence? Actual is defined as existing now, existence is the continuance in being. So being now. Ahh, so we come full circle back to the new age movement of being in the NOW! Being in the now = the truth. Interesting. So why are we seeking the truth outside the now? The truth is now, here with us at all times. So it turns out the pull to the truth is a pull to the present moment. 

Which brings me to my always consistent message of presence. :)

Insightful Inspiration

Be present and you will find the truth you seek.

Why am I surrounded by idiots?

People spend a lot of time in my office asking me "Why do I keep attracting this?!" The interesting part of the law of attraction, etc. is that the more we ask that question, the more opportunities we have to answer it. We attract more and more of the things we find so irritating, until we figure out why it is we find it irritating to begin with. This is a difficult concept for people to get when it comes to the teachings of "the Secret", etc. They want to believe they are a victim of their life, maybe because it is easier than taking full responsibility, maybe because they don't know where to start if they have to think they are in 100% control, or maybe it has something to do with fitting it. What ever the reason people want to reject this idea, is the very reason they Key having these experiences.

Here is an example, one of my clients asks me "Why am I surrounded by idiots? Why is everyone in my world clueless and self absorbed?" This very question is kind of like raising your hand in class. You teacher is going to demonstrate your question, so you get your answer. How do they demonstrate it? Not by giving you the opposite of what you asked, but by giving you a closer look at what you asked, in other words, bringing you more clueless idiots in your life so you can figure out why you are attracting it.

A better question might be simply to ask "Why can't I surround myself with aware, informed people who are capable of thinking beyond themselves?" At lease it is bringing in the subject you truly want. However, it may take a few more idiots to get your attention in order for you to make the shift to attract what you desire.

In other words, the more you ask why you are having a certain experience, the more of those experiences you attract. It is similar said than done, because people ARE their beliefs and it is often hard for them to suddenly see themselves surrounded by a different type of person, when they are so use to be surrounded by what they typically see. That is the other part of the equation I have talked about so much on my blog. That part that says "I want this, but I don't believe I can have it." That part of you that rejects the people you want to attract because you don't believe it can truly exist.

Here is another example. I have a client who has asked for more people who "get" what she is into regarding energy work. Then she attracts those types of people, but she continuously rejects them because she doesn't believe they are truly the ones she has asked for and still must have the "old agenda" even though they say they don't. Her belief system is fighting with her law of attraction. This happens ALL the time. This may sound ridiculous to you, but I bet if you have done any of this law of attraction work and you see yourself not getting what you think you want. It is because you don't 100% believe it can be possessed.

Insightful Inspiration for the week

Use the question "How come this keeps happening to me?" in a different way. Instead of asking from a pity me space, asked if from a classroom space of true curiosity. Ask yourself  that question honestly and opening and see what answers come to you. You will get your answers. Some of them may be answers you don't want to hear, but you have to be willing to hear it. For example maybe you are attracting less intelligent people in your space because you have the desire to feel superior intellectually. You like being the "smartest" and being able to look around and not see anyone comparing to you. You might even like complaining about it. {gasp} :) Never the less, you can make a shift if you want to if you let go of the benefits this thing is secretly providing. Give it a shot!


As we arrive into a new year, it is a great time to reflect on the birth or rebirth of your life. Although this is happening continuously and often effortlessly, not just around the new year, 2011 gives us a reminder to pause and reflect. Most people tend to be very identified with a way of being in their life. For example, a set of patterns, a group of people, activities to attend, etc. In fact, we are so set in our ways, we struggle if we loose the option of one of these patterns. We fight to get it back or we grieve the loss of it. As Ecclesiastes states "There is an appointed time for everything" and the Byrds lovely song captures it so well. 

But often times we fight the re-birthing process. We hang onto the things of the past or the way things worked before that are no longer working. As our lives evolve, so does our energy patterns, ways of thinking and ways of being in the world. If we let it. The re-birthing process isn't about dying and being reborn, but reshaping the way you think. Allowing your consciousness to move into a space that is working now, releasing what is no longer part of  you or your world. Also to be  flexible to what will be different later on.

Reality is more fluid than we think. We have the benefits, through the fast pace of technology, to see this more so than ever before. We are now living in a time where ideas can become reality in a matter of years if not months. Ideas that once would have been thought impossible. That is only possible because someone opened themselves up to a rebirth of thinking. A new way of being. How do you want to be?

Insightful Inspiration for the week

Open yourself up to the re-birthing process. Reinvent yourself! If you want to be different, then align yourself to be introduced to that reality as much as possible. Meet new people, experience new things, shake things up and see how the differences you experience expand your ability to change. Expose yourself to other people also reinventing themselves. Try letting go of things no longer serving you, even if you don't know what will replace it yet. Make room in that closet for new things or maybe just keep the spaciousness and don't replace it with anything! This can be something as big as a new job or a new place to live or as small as a new outfit you wouldn't dare wear before. Just shake things up a bit and see what else that inspires in you.

Knight Rider Mind

Would you let your car tell you where to go, what to do, or how to be? Of course not! Even if your car was equipped with an artificial intelligence system like the show Knight Rider, you wouldn't let the car run your life! This is basically what we do with our minds. Our thoughts are just part of who we are, yet we let our thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, run our lives. We are driven by our minds on everything from what to wear for the day to what careers we should get into. Even when we start to awaken to something more, we crave information and understanding so that the mind can digest the concept of "awake" and "enlightened". But enlightenment is so much more than just knowing something about the spirit. It the experience of spirit.

Here is where this goes wrong. Your mind is just a tool for you while you are here. When you die, you are not your mind. When you were a baby, you thoughts were still developing, yet you were still you. So although the thought gurus of the metaphysical world, like Louise Hay, says "change your thoughts and change your life"" and this is VERY true, it is also about going beyond the mind completely in order to reconnect with the bigger sense of you.

When you are able to contemplate on all that makes up who you are and what you are doing here, the message becomes much clearer than just your thoughts. The universe responds to this question with experiences that help you unlock your deeper sense of self.

Insightful Inspiration of the week

You are so much bigger than your thoughts. Live you life beyond what you are thinking. Incorporate it into everything else you are experiencing emotions, spirit, sensations, etc. Ask for help from the universe or your God to show you who you really are, beyond your thoughts. Then see what unfolds in your life. Reconnecting with your spirit means shedding the shackles of the illusions that you are only your mind and body and opens you up to the endless possibilities that are already available to you.

Spend some time doing something that helps you quite your mind and see what other parts of yourself shine through.

Putting your feelers out

People often come to me to find out what's next in their lives. Sometimes we get very greedy for these answers when we finally decide to ask the question. We want instant answers, NOW! Sometimes we aren't completely prepared for the answers, so they come in at levels you can handle them. Inching you along to find that ultimate answer. Put the question out and then you wait, notice and pay attention. The answer may not come in a word or a resounding next step. It may come as a song, a subtle message in an ad, or even just a friend calling and reminding you who you really are. Pay attention to these subtle responses and you will see the universe is constantly answering your questions. You just don't always want to listen to the answer.

For example, lets say you ask "What should I do next in my career?" and the ultimate response is for you to be doing something completely different than you are doing now. You may not be ready to hear that. So the response that comes back might be just to expand yourself where you are or prepare yourself for a move. Rather than just saying "move careers tomorrow" the universe is gentle with us, gliding us through to our next steps that we have asked for. If only we were so patient with our request for answers as the universe is with us receiving them.

Insightful Inspiration for the week

What question are you asking for instant answers on? What do you think you need to know NOW? Put your feelers out on this question. Notice the sights, sounds, and sensations the world is bringing you in response to this question. Don't over analyze it, just pause and sense. Do you like what you are being shown or are you waiting for a different answer? The answer may be different tomorrow if you want it to be, just put out the request and then wait for the next response. Glide yourself through this process rather than forcing it. You will be amazed at all the answers that have been given and are just waiting for you to notice.

Enlightenment Guides in the most unlikely places

Gurus, teachers, yogi, monk, etc. these are all the titles of people you might go to for some spiritual help. Someone to show you the path to enlightenment. This week I was reminded to remember the true helpers in our life often don't come from the likely sources. They aren't always the ones you want to say "thank you" to and aren't always obvious gifts.You might find more enlightenment in facing a chain reaction of events brought into your life through an encounter with a person, than from a spiritual master. For example, lets say you get a job that you need VERY badly. In this job you are unhappy, but it pays the bills. Part of the reason you are unhappy is because you have a boss who is just awful to you. Finally one day, this boss is so awful to you that you snap and tell them off, causing you to loose your job. Then you face finding a new one, financial struggles and anything else that comes along from the chain reaction of events.  In the end you find yourself a job you love, pays better and supports who you are. You gained wisdom about your strength through the struggles to get there. Lessons yu couldn't learn any other way.  

Can you thank that boss for being the catalyst for your growth? Can you see the wisdom in their involvement in your life?

This isn't a sugar coated avoidance technique to make every one and everything seem good in your life. This is about having awareness of the wisdom that is constantly around you working with you and for you. This is about noticing the gifts rather than denying them.

Insightful Inspiration of week

Become aware of your catalysts. Who is your life has caused a chain reaction of events that you find unpleasant? Who do you have trouble with because of all the struggle they bring? What are they a catalyst for? Maybe they are just showing you how you don't want to be. Maybe they are making you reevaluate your life rather than just going through the motions. See if you can find the gift in the chain reaction they have set off for you. Decide if you want to learn your lessons or keep the chain going until you do. You want the lesson or you wouldn't be there with it. Send them gratitude, forgiveness and love and then do the same for yourself.


As promised, there were a few topics requested that I add for the Oracle deck. So this is the last one. Completion. We have all heard the saying "every end is a new beginning". But what does that mean exactly? There are some things in life you can't have until you have a free hand, which means you have to let go of something else. Things like relationships, jobs, and home, typically (for most of us) runs in ones and twos. So you can't have the next house until you sell the old house, or you can't have the next relationship until you end the current one.

We often resist change because we are so wrapped up in the loss of letting something go and we don't yet know what it will be replaced with. We fear it will never be this good again. We are afraid of the possibility that this is as good as it gets and it can only go down from here. When we allow ourselves to dream of the future and trust miracles are coming, we open ourselves up to the gifts of the universe. When we fear we close ourselves off and keep ourselves trapped in a cycle of loss.

It is like a bird flying for the first time. The nest is cozy and safe, but letting go of the nest is important for the bird's survival and eventually, they just take off and fly.

Insightful Inspiration for the week

What phase is coming to a close for you right now? Are you letting it end, or are you clinging to like a lead anchor? What can you do to support yourself in letting go of that phase and coming into the new phase? What are your fears behind this end? What are your hopes and dreams? Let yourself imagine and expect the best. You are ready for clarity and new adventures.

Trying not to try

I am still coming up against myself trying not to try. Relaxing into your life and allowing it. It is easier said than done and sometimes I find myself asking "how will I keep going if I don't have desire to do so"? Many of my clients over the least month have been getting this message as well... to just relax into it and release the effort.  As we "try" we limit the potential of our lives. We limit it to only what we believe and expect is possible. If we open ourselves up to the possibilities, amazing things can happen. I understand this, but never the less, still encounter this issue time and again. My evolution process brings me to that saying, the more I know, the more I know I don't know. I was watching a Himalayan Yogi on YouTube discuss the issue of just the act of desiring enlightenment, still keeps you from it because your ego is attached to the desire.

The thing is, as we follow our spiritual practices, isn't that effort as well? I struggle with how much to push myself into my own studies of these things. I don't want to stop, but I also only want to do it when it is effortless and fun. I no longer seek to understand things the way I use to. I allow myself to gently go where I feel guided to go, and change course when it feels right too, even if I have learned it "all". This has helped me relax into this space further, but I can still feel the tug of the world on my "expertise". Clients and potential clients wanting to know where I have studied, what I have done, etc. Some how this information make me more qualified. But reading, learning, studying doesn't help me find the true meaning of these things. It is only when I relax into it that it comes to me.

Insightful Inspiration of the Week

Explore this concept for yourself a bit futher. I have talked about this in the past, but this is something that is really hard to know how to do, because you just have to experience it. In order to experience it you have to allow it to come in. But how do you do that without effort? So this isn't a "to do" or a contiplation this week as much as it is to just spend sometime with yourself on this topic. What does it mean to you to try? What if you didn't try? What would happen? Probably not what you think. See if you can just be still with yourself once a day and relax into who you are. Even if it is just for five minutes.

As always, I would love to hear what you think. You can post your thoughts on my facebook page if you would like. Insightful Inspirations by Leanne is the name of the page.  Let's learn from each other.

Comparing yourself to the world?

One of the biggest blocks to our happiness is comparing ourselves to others, or worse yet, comparing our children to others. When we compare ourselves to others we are expecting ourselves to have the same experience as someone else... which is impossible! No one has had the same experiences, with the same personality, the same way, ever. So why do we try and do this.  Comparing ourselves to others generally makes us unhappy. It creates a sense of separateness from other people that is competitive and restrictive. 

For example, lets say you are comparing your level of fitness to someone else down the street. You either wish you were as fit as them or maybe you are judging them for not being as fit as you. Either way, you have now created a gap between you and that other person that doesn't allow you to connect. Connecting to others is what heals us, makes us grateful for our lives and teaches us about diversity. Why would be want to block that off?

This is just one example, there are so many ways we compare ourselves to others. Sometimes it is to make us feel okay. "Well she drinks like a fish, so I am not even that bad." This may not create a gap with connection in the same way, but it creates a block. It connects us to a part of ourselves that we are afraid to let go of and we are trying to justify. For example, maybe you want more time with your husband or wife but you see you get more time than other people do with your spouse, so you shouldn't complain. This is a block to asking for what you need, which in turn, does create a block. 

This nature to compare ourselves to each other also can lead to violence, distrust, and fear of being judged. 

So, take a moment and notice where you might be comparing yourself to someone else. Maybe it is something simple or your whole life, but either way, notice what it is doing to your sense of center and self. See if you can just be okay with where you are and where they are, embracing the difference. 

Wishing you a compassionate week.