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Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

Charades and other pass times with your Guides

On a daily basis people come into my office saying "why can't I hear my guides?!" Your guides would smack their foreheads if they had them.

Talk to your guides

We are constantly getting signs, lessons, answers and messages from our guides and etheric helpers. Skeptics think this is all in people's heads. If that is true, let me tell you my head is SMART! Everything I hear your guides say for you is just right for you. Everything I hear them say for me is stuff I could never tell myself. So if that is all in my head, I am okay with that. Because it works. But for those of us with a little more open mindedness and willing to think beyond ourselves, hear me when I say, you are being heard and you are being answered.

Hearing the answers takes a few things besides just a clear head. Here are a few fun games to play with your guides to get the communication flowing.


First of all, it is a willingness to see things beyond what you see them for. A willingness to accept the creativity of the universe. For example, let's say you ask for a sign on whether or not to take a job and then a commercial comes on the radio that says (just happens to be at the exact right moment) "start a new career today in xyz." You may pass that off as a coincidence or a sign that you are suppose to do xyz rather than what you were originally thinking, but it could just be a confirmation that your thinking is being supported. Get creative with your thoughts, think abstractly as if you are playing pictionary or charades with your closest friends. Take signs and symbols to mean something more that is obvious and ask for clarity or more signs if you aren't getting it.

Pin the tail on the donkey

Most people can't see their guides or divine helpers by there side. They can't see their smiling faces trying to show them that they are taken care of and loved by more than the plane they can see. So the blindfold is built in. You are making your best guess as where to pin things down while you are in the dark. Use your other senses, you memory, your free form thought, etc. to guide you to the right place. As if you are pinning that tail on the donkey, sometimes you get the nose instead of the rear. But at least you are trying and getting close to figuring it out. Ask for help in figuring out just how far off you are and realign yourself to try again. We all misplace our understandings at times, it is the willingness to see if for what it is and try and correct it that is the key to game.

Hide and Go Seek

Where are my guides? Are they with me all of the time? How can I tell? Play a game of hide and seek with them or perhaps just seek. They are right there waiting for you to notice them. Ask for hints, signs or just a general direction as to where to look, then agree to listen for a response. Don't dismiss any subtle responses for coincidences. This is your chance to open your mind and find them! Maybe ask them to communicate through songs on the radio or a chance magazine article about something you need to read about. Be specific and then go hunting and see what turns up.

Scavenger Hunt

The messages your guides are trying to get through to you are often like puzzle pieces you have to fit together to get the big picture. They use things you are already familiar with to guide you down the path of things you aren't. Be willing to see the details, like an "I Spy" picture and then be willing to unfocus on the details to see the big picture too. Often times the same message or lesson will come to you in many different ways and situations, you just have to go hunting for the theme. Be willing to look for what you feel you should be too. If you feel like you should be finding an impossible thing (like a hot beverage out in the snow) then be willing to see what that hint is really about and go find it. It is there if you look.

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Most of the time, the reason you can’t hear your guides is because you don’t believe you can. You can manifest hearing your guides and a whole bunch of other good stuff along the way if you believe you can.

Have fun and share your games with me at