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Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

Guest Blog: Stone Listeners have picked out Phosphosiderite

We, Marilyn and Tohmas Twintreess, directly and gratefully listen to Stonebeings and have for a long time (lifetimes actually).  It is the base of our international business/travel/services/workshops, evolution and FUN!!!  Literally.  Consider this:  The Mineral Kingdom is the bones of the Earth Mother; therefore it is the physical foundation for all life upon this planet.

In continually listening to the Stones, we discovered that physical base so rich that it is metaphysical as well.  Crystals support all life (You are reading this on a crystalline-based device aren’t you?) and all manifestation on all levels.  With them, there is nothing we cannot respectfully do and be.  For me and Tohmas, that is the basis of our personal, professional and spiritual life, and we are profoundly honored to share that with you. 

Through Insightful Inspirations’ generosity, we propose to listen to Stones specifically for you and your part of the world.  Monthly, we will ask the Stones which one wants to be offered to you for your particular healing and abundance, within that month’s cycle of learning and healing potential (according to the Earth Mother’s cycles).  Leanne will share that with you and if you say, “Yes!” you’ll be on adventure with a Stone that respectfully ASKED to come and support you.  Talk about a lovely, loving foundation for manifesting whatever you truly choose!!

We, Marilyn & Tohmas, will pass on the Stone information it asked us to tell you about its energy, and Leanne will share the 3D logistics of how to bring this Custom-Listened-to Stone into your life, and *Leanne, being the stellar healer and inspiration she is, also can facilitate you integrating the crystalline magic into your being: physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychically. 
Told you this ought to grab you!!!!
*Thanks to Leanne for making this program possible— for bringing it easily to fruition so you could readily drink in these benefits.  Few people on the planet are as quick to manifest magic as Leanne.  Y’all are very very blessed to have her in your midst and we are grateful to be co-partnering with her (and you) in such a profound, unique, sweet program as this!!  ROCK on!!!!

This month: Phosphosiderite

Phosphosiderite, Chile.JPG

“I connect with my own center and live from there forever.”

Good for heart chakra and physical body.  Works well with the new energies and integrates the body into present time.

The secret ingredient of success - YOU!

So often we spend our lives trying to fit in and conform to what people say they want from us. Most of the time, when we give people what they say they want, they still aren't happy. Why? Because what they really want is us, not some version of ourselves, modified to try and please them. We want genuine connections, ones that are freely given and offer us space to truly be ourselves as well. 

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The plight of the seeker - Understanding

What are you trying to "understand" better? What information are you trying to analyze, pick a part, think through? Are you in balance with it? Is it create ease and fun in your life or chaos and struggle? If it is creating chaos and struggle, can you let go of it a little bit. Let it show itself to you rather than you figuring it all out.

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What is "Healing?"

What is healing anyway? Our relationship with the state of being unwell is often so uncomfortable that we can’t accept it. We criticize and blame ourselves and/or our conditions for making us unwell and focus all of our energy on understanding the problem.  As we focus on the problem, we expand it.  This expansion actually clarifies our desires through the reflection of what we don’t want.  Sometimes we get stuck there. So how can we heal?

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Perspective - Can you change yours?

The law of attraction talks about the fact that what is in your life is what you have attracted into your life by magnetizing yourself to it. All other things are not in match with your vibration. But how do you get in alignment with that vibration is the big question of having more of what you want out of life.  The question becomes "How?!"

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Are those mine or yours? - Contagious Emotions

Emotions seem to be the easiest thing to share amongst friends; it's almost like a virus. One person feels happy and passes on to the next and the next and so on. That is ideal... but not always how it goes.

More often one person in line is angry and yelling at the cashier which puts you in a "what is wrong with people?" mood which leads you to go home and yell at your kids, which makes them mad at the each other and so on. Emotions are contagious and the sooner we learn to recognize the difference between our emotions and the people we are with, the easier time we will have in knowing ourselves.

Empathy as a survival skill

Empathy is defined by dictionary.comas "the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another." If you are experiencing the feelings, thoughts or attitudes of another, how do you know you are acting in your own best interest and not the person you are empathizing with? If you are identifying with someone else's emotions and making decisions based on those emotions, they may not be right for you.

Empathy can be a survival skill. When we are born we can't talk yet and don't know much about the reality we have just arrived in. With this skill of empathy, we can read each others thoughts and emotions and make decisions on how we will engage with the environment.

"What am I really feeling?"

Things go off track when we don't know where our thoughts and feelings start and the other person's begin. We are always picking up on each other's energy in subtle ways. We feel each others state of mind and often change our behavior and feelings about the situation accordingly.

If you can begin to acknowledge when this sharing of energy is happening, you can begin to understand yourself more clearly and start setting new intentions. By paying attention to your ability to pick up on other people's thoughts and emotions, you begin to see when you are letting someone else's negativity win.

By becoming aware of how easily you change course based on what another person is doing or feeling you will be able to stop being a victim of others and empower yourself to dictate your mood and actions. 

What mood are you bringing to the room?

It is also helpful to observe those around you, especially children, as they pick up on your moods. Watch for that moment from when they switch over to what they were feeling independently to what they are feeling when they notice you.  Then ask yourself, is this how I want others to feel around me? 

You have more power than you think. If you walk into a room defensive and uptight, that is how the room will respond. This isn't to control how everyone else is feeling, but just to set an intention within yourself of the influence you want to be in the world. 

Two sides to every story

Being a mother of two square pegs that down right refuse to be put into round holes, I have had my fair share of struggles with the school system. As a mom it has required me to stay grounded in my truth. As a healer, it has tested my limits of compassion and understanding.


Our perspective in the world is very personal. Our filters of how we view a situation involves a complex brew of our past, our beliefs, our programs and our position in the situation. 

Where we sometimes get hung up is when we need to convince others to see our side as the only truth. But one person's experience does not have to invalidate your own. Each experience is its own and it isn't a requirement that the whole world have the same experiences as us to have our experience be true.

Two Sides To Every Story

Taking this a step further, in order to heal ourselves sometimes it is helpful to see truth in the other side of the story. You probably won't be able to see the other person's truth 100% because you are still using your filter, however, a compassionate view into the other side can offer a healing to you as well.

In my case, I might being inquiring into myself about what a teacher's story could possibly be. I do this while at the same time, hold space for my truth as well.

I can have compassion for the teacher who has a full class, with several children who have special needs, one of which loves to debate every rule and issue with a passive aggressive behavior that he has down to a science (that's mine.) Learning not to take that teacher's perspective personally is also a huge gift.

Looking at the other side of the story while holding space for our truth with compassion. Our side being that our child is very intelligent and has a very unique and useful personality. If he is guided in the right direction his talents for bucking status quo can take us all to a new level. 

Victim Energy

When you are doing this two sided work you are likely hanging onto the other side's perspective as a personal attack of some sort. You might even feel that there was a violation against you, at no fault of your own. Hanging on to these things isn't going to help you feel lighter, more connected and ready for the next thing. It will leave you feeling gun shy, bitter and resentful.

Release the victim before you inquire into the other side. Watch out for your need to defend your view point and make the other person wrong as you look. 

Reflection questions:

  • What is happening here really?
  • Why do you care what this person has done?
  • What does it matter?
  • Is it over and done with? If so, can you move on and forgive and forget? Why not? 
  • What parts of you feel wounded?
  • What feelings do you feel? Do you feel hurt? Angry? Betrayed?

In my situation my mothering is questioned when my children won't fit into the expectations of the school. That hits me to the core and I want to prove is wrong, no matter what. But here is the catch, I don't have to prove it wrong!

I am a wonderful mother to my children. I know this and do my best with them every day.  But I had to heal this part of myself, realizing that some part of me must have wondered if she was right. Otherwise, why would I care?

The other thing that pokes me to the core is a perception that teachers believe that my children are "bad" in some way. Again, I want to prove that wrong. This is more about me wanting to see the world accept my unique child without question. I so badly want the world to accept me too. Again, perfect place to work on healing myself.  By looking at this I can allowing both my children and I to accept ourselves as we are, rather than trying to convince the world to accept us. Teaching them to love themselves first, then listen to the input of others.

Your turn

Take a step back from your head on a situation your are struggling with. Use this moment in your life as ways to heal yourself and look into things further, rather than injure yourself through painful lenses of hurt and victimization.

Love yourself for bringing these scenarios into your life to teach you what you want to learn as a spirit. Embrace them, rather than be victimized by them. Use both sides of the story to bring you clarity and safety to explore the truths that are trying to shine through.

Sending unconditional love and light your way this week.

Taking Responsibility Without Beating Yourself up

Our thoughts are our magic, our intentions are spells cast to make them happen. Everything around you is something you have created. Good or exceptions. The key is to start taking responsibility for what you have created. Own it, use it for your highest good and the highest good of the planet...see what happens next. 

The downside of knowing this is people often beat themselves up for what they are creating. They shame themselves into things instead of embracing the truth about the law of attraction. Shaming uses the law of attraction's power in a way that feels heavy with responsibility and actually blocks desires and manifestations. 

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Our unconscious mantra creating our realities

An unconscious mantra is the things we say out loud or in our head to ourselves without even paying attention to what we are saying that works as an incantation or prayer to the universe. In other words the announcements we make out loud that bring more of the same into our lives. How do we identify these mantras and change them?

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Thanks to the Rock Bottom

We have all heard the down and out stories of how people hit rock bottom and that was the catalyst for the rising up. We have heard those stories of triumph over the impossible negativity we see in the world. We are overcoming little "rock bottoms" all of the time. It is our success over our struggles that gives us the trust in ourselves to take risks and carry on. It is the success in our moments of weakness, that remind us of our strength.

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The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is the chakra that enables us to move beyond the physical universe. More is always possible with all of these chakras and this is the one that reminds us of the limitlessness of it all.

This is the chakra that is at the top of the head and in its ideal state, spins in a funnel shape above the head in a white color. This is where people store information about how their higher self and their connect to their unity with humankind. 

This  chakra is the first step into bringing higher-self and divine messages down into the physical body,

The Issues

When the seventh chakra is blocked, we have difficulty having direction and understanding in our life. We often struggle to understand why we are where we are and can blame others and take on a victim mentality.  

  • Spiritual brainwashing

  • Lack of appropriate boundaries

  • Feeling alone or like an outsider even when people are present

  • Addictions to news or education, knowing enough

  • Taking things to literally

When it is unbalanced or blocked, we feel alone, separate from each other or attached to the physical reality such as routines or dramas. It can be us stuck "in our head" or "over thinking" things or it could be lost in "daydreaming". This chakra is also where external information comes in, regardless of source. I often find the news, parents, and other external control factors blocking up people's seventh chakra.

The Emotions

Many of the chakras can relate to self-esteem, but this one relates to how we interact with our truth vs. the external truth of the world. When we are in conflict with who we are inside vs. the person we are presenting or perceived to be by others, it can create a seventh chakra block.

When the seventh chakra is too open, we feel enslaved by rules of society, religion, order that is dictated externally in some way. The emotion of feeling like you don't know anything or can't do anything right might indicate a block int he seventh chakra. 

That which oppresses me, is it my soul trying to come out in the open, or the soul of the world knocking at my heart for its entrance?
— Rabindranath Tagore

When the crown chakra is too closed we can be self absorbed, feel like we are the only ones who can make things happen or know the "right" answers. We may feel frustrated with the behavior of others as a broad statement saying "people are crazy" or "the world has gone mad."

Physical Symptoms

The physical symptoms of a crown chakra imbalance can be tricky to identify and treat on a body level and often don't manifest until another chakra, more body based, is effected. Often times the imbalance can be treated in the lower chakras related to the imbalance, but if the primary cause is a crown chakra block and can often present severe, it is best to seek the help of someone familiar with the subtle energy systems and/or professionals that handle the type of symptoms being experiences. 

When a client has an imbalance, many symptoms can come up. This is just to name a few:

  • Sleep disorders

  • Nervous system disorders

  • Dementia

  • Memory Loss

  • Psychological Disorders

  • Lack of direction or motivation

The People In Our Lives

This chakra is the one more influenced by outside people. People often will use our seventh chakra energy to influence us to buy things, covert to a belief system, or make lifestyle changes. If the influence is done from a pure, higher self, perspective, it might be a good thing. But you always want to check the motives of the outside influence and your reasons for taking in the information before making it your own. 

Parents often block their children's seventh chakra from developing independently, because they want them to stay within their cultural comforts. The rules of life they are abiding by, they want their children to abide by. This is of course great, but if done with an oppressive hand, it can actually cause this chakra to under develop, leaving the individual to always look outside themselves for answers. The seventh chakra doesn't fully develop until after childhood and many different systems have different ideas of when that happens, but at any rate its growth is influenced throughout life. 

The Balancing Act

So how do you balance all this out? Meditation is always a great way to tune into your energy systems. 

But if you are not a big meditator, here are some other ideas.

  • Check in with who you spend your time with, clean up your influences and make an effort to spend time with people that support your truth.

  • Volunteer

  • Explore diversity and find ways to be comfortable around differences.

  • Get to know yourself better. Explore what motivates you, what you love and what you need more deeply through journaling, discussion groups, therapy, etc.

ere is a video from Teal Swan about how to open your crown chakra.

Here are some affirmations for the crown chakra.

  • "I am safe on planet earth.”

  • “I easily connect with my spirit."

  • “I am willing to be here and present in your body.”

If you find any resistance to those affirmations above, that is also a good indication that your root chakra is blocked. Dig in and find out why you are resistant and what you are telling yourself instead.

Don't spread the discontent

Often we  are a cluster of pain programs and suffering. Natalie Merchant's "Break Your Heart" lyrics "don't spread the discontent, don't spread the lies" is excellent advice to move past that stage into one of contentment. 

You have heard it a thousand times from me and other self-help guidance counselors to "think positive" or "love yourself first." Of course you know that is what you are supposed to do. So why aren't you doing it?

The Shame of Thinking Positively

Thinking positive isn't always well received by our peers and authority figures. Often when we come to our bosses with good news, they shame us into noticing what is broken and needs to be fixed. We get obsessed at looking at what isn't working as a way to try and encourage it to work. 

Our peers perceive our positive thinking as naive or thoughtless. They see us taking our eyes away from what needs to be done to focus on the flakey behavior of "free thinkers" and rebels.

See if you can find your positive-thinking shamers and as kindly as you can, ask them to help you shift. Make them your biggest advocates for positive thinking. If they aren't up to the job, or you don't feel like you can ask them, work on releasing their opinion from the top of the meaningful pile. Try and reduce how seriously you take their opinion and know they are projecting their own limitations onto you.

Suffering to Deserve

Another thing we often do is "suffer enough to deserve."  Sick enough to deserve help. Worked hard enough to deserve a break. Struggled enough to deserve something better. 

Catch yourself "suffering to deserve." Shift it up and allow yourself permission to deserve from a different place. Deserve help because we all desire connection and to help each other. Deserve a break because you are always doing your best. Deserve something better because you have learned from your mistakes and are ready to learn from your successes too.

Expectations and Assumptions

You cannot pretend you don't feel bad, that is suppression of your energy. But what I am suggesting is to check in when you are stuck in automatic pilot with feeling bad. You can feel bad and then give yourself permission to feel good.

Even when you look around and don't see any good yet. This isn't a fake it activity. This is just about realizing that in what you expect to see is what you will see. If I suggest to you to notice all the blue cars on the road today, you will. Your mind enhances what you focus on. If you expect to see kindness and love from people, you will. Change up your expectations to find negative experiences lurking around every corner. Change up your assumptions about people and how you will be treated and see what happens next. This doesn't mean there won't be people who will hurt you or be rude, but your mind will hold onto the positive experiences more easily.

Here is more on how beliefs are driving your experiences from my Coaching Club videos.

The Energy Of Gratitude

So how do you know if your ego is asking for more or your spirit? Your spirit comes from a place of plenty. A place inside you that knows there are no limits but your own mind. The ego mind often speaks from a place of fear, obligation or lack as we discussed above. Once you release your gratitude energy from your obligations and fears, you can clarify what you want. 

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Heart Chakra

Chakras are just a way to describe energy centers in our bodies. We use different sources of energy in order to be and manifest in the world. There are several different schools of thought regarding chakras, so I am writing from my own experiences and awareness, not from a specific school of thought.

By paying attention to energy fields, you are sending an intention to yourself and your energy to rise to a conscious level of manifestation. You can then use that awareness and intention to refine your energy fields and become a more conscious creator.

Pay attention to your heart chakra and see what you can manifest by paying more attention to it. This is the chakra that is at the chest area somewhere around the heart, spins clockwise in a green color. This is where you store information about your affinity for things, being loved, lovable and loving.  


When the heart chakra is blocked, you have difficulty connecting with others. You feel unloved and find the world hard to be in. The heart chakra can get blocked from a single deep wound or can develop over time. The heart chakra can also be blocked if they are feeling bad out their body in any way, including feeling as if it isn’t working properly.

  • Ended relationships

  • Layoffs or job related rejections

  • Lack of perceived support from others

  • An environment that values mental over likability

There are many indicators of over active or under active heart chakra. Primarily you are looking for feeling rejected or overly needy for love and attention.


The blocked heart chakra can look like any other blocked chakra. It has a range of emotional symptoms. The primary one is feeling unloved, alone, unworthy. The tricky thing with this is we all have a touch of insecurity running through our system and that isn’t always a heart chakra block.

A heart chakra block often manifests as a wall to love. Meaning when you are offered love, you reject it or hold it away from your energy field because you don’t trust taking it in or think you will have to repay the love somehow.

Often times you want to work with the root chakra and heart chakra to create safety to receive and give love. It is also common to manifest a third chakra imbalance with this chakra meaning either you are completely yourself, but not receiving love for it (blocked heart, open third) or not being yourself, but receiving love (blocked third, open heart.)


The physical symptoms of a heart chakra imbalance are easy to notice. Often times the person’s shoulders are slumped to protect the heart or their arms are crossed when they talk.  

Imbalance symptoms can include:

  • Tightness in the chest

  • Difficulty Breathing

  • Shoulder pain

  • Heart illnesses

  • Excess muscles in the trapezius muscles

When a body is talking to you about an imbalance though pain or discomfort, give it attention in a loving way. We often try and shame and force bodies back into functioning properly. Instead, love it first and ask what it needs.


People can plug into our chakras and draw off energy from us. They can do it to us while in our presence or not.

Often time people will draw off energy from the heart chakra when they want approval from you. They also might want you to be put down so that they feel better about themselves.  

You might have someone in your life that is very needy or an “endless pit” for attention and affirmations from you. These people would be better off pulling this energy from within, so if you are over compensating for that person, you are not helping them. Pullback your energy and protect your boundaries by affirming that you have love for them and reminding them to look back on themselves for that love as well.

People who want your approval for any reason can hijack your heart chakra. Notice when you are allowing it to happen and balance out your heart chakra to clean up the relationship.


So how do you balance all this out? Meditation is always a great way to tune into your energy systems.

But if you are not a big meditator, here are some other ideas.

  • Write a gratitude journal to yourself.

  • Put loving sticky notes on your mirror.

  • Connect with warm-hearted people who you feel safe with.

  • List out all the things you have done well in your past.

There are many videos and meditations out there. This one is an interesting one.

Affirmations for the heart chakra:

  • "I am loved.”

  • “I love the world I have created for myself.”

  • “I am loving.”

  • “Kindness comes through me and to me.”

  • “I are perfect just the way I am.”

If you find any resistance to those affirmations above, that is also a good indication that your heart chakra is blocked. Dig in and find out why you are resistant and what you are telling yourself instead. 

Happy Balancing.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Chakras are just a way to describe energy centers in our bodies. We use different sources of energy to be and manifest in the world. There are several different schools of thought regarding chakras, so I am writing from my own experiences and awareness, not from a specific school of thought.

By paying attention to energy fields, you send an intention to yourself and your energy to rise to a conscious level of manifestation. You can then use that awareness and intention to refine your energy fields and become a more conscious creator.

Pay attention to your solar plexus chakra and see what you can manifest by paying more attention to it. This is the chakra that is somewhere around the navel and spins clockwise in a yellow color. This is where you store information about your authentic power, manifesting into the material world, and mental clarity.

This chakra is probably the most complex chakra and cannot easily be described in a blog. But this information will give you a good place to start.


When the solar plexus chakra is blocked, you lose your ability to see things in a variety of ways. You are blocked to different ideas about what is going on for you and have a very rigid approach to things. Here are common external influences of the solar plexus chakra.

  • Career choice
  •  Relationships based on control
  • A sense of powerlessness brought in through the familial line
  • Low self esteem or puffed up ego
  • Being part of rigid structures of control such as military and or strict religious practices
  • Limited access to life choices; blocking off the ability to know who you are.

There are many indicators of an over-active or under-active solar plexus chakra – primarily the need for control or feeling powerless.


The primary emotions of the out-of-balance solar plexus chakra are anger and hopelessness. If this chakra is out of balance you may feel easily overwhelmed by others’ energy or feel taken advantage of. You may feel like you don’t have the right to an opinion or that your opinion doesn’t matter.

As the powerlessness continues, you may feel angry and resentful at those that you perceive to have more power than you. It may even be anger at a whole system, such as a company or government.

When this chakra comes into balance you feel a sense of strength in your core that empowers you to stand up for yourself in an assertive, healthy way. You are confident in your decision-making and feel safe expressing any emotions that come through with ease and self-acceptance.


The physical symptoms of a solar plexus chakra imbalance are more challenging to notice. When it is balanced you will feel strong in your convictions, but an imbalance can look like you are strong but are masking your insecurities. When in balance, you know yourself and your value in the world and when to act on your desires. Sometimes you have to look closely to see when there is a third chakra imbalance.

When you have an imbalance in the solar plexus, many symptoms can come up. Just to name a few:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Excess belly fat (sometimes this is the opposite with too much muscle in the abdomen)
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes
  • Lower energy
  • Slumping posture
  • Gallbladder or liver illnesses

When your body is talking to you about an imbalance though pain or discomfort, give it attention in a loving way. We often try and shame and force bodies back into functioning properly. Instead, love it first and ask what it needs.


People can plug into our chakras and draw off energy from us. They can do it to us while in our presence or not.

Often people will draw off energy from the solar plexus if they want power from you or to change your mind in some way.

If you are a people pleaser, you might be offering your power as a way to make someone else feel better about themselves. This drains your energy and makes the other person feel resentful.

People who want your power or perceived influence in the world can also hijack your third chakra. They can often use emotional energies from the second chakra such as obligation and guilt to get you to allow them to plug into your power.


So how do you balance all this out? Meditation is always a great way to tune into your energy systems.

But if you are not a big meditator, here are some other ideas.

  • Take time to really explore your desires and motivations.
  • Go back and confirm the good choices you have made in life and times when you felt decisive. Validate you abilities.
  • Identify authentically powerful people you know of. List their traits. You cannot observe in others what you do not have in yourself. This will allow your energy to acknowledge those traits in you.
  • Do something to boost the way you feel about yourself. For example, get a new haircut, take a class, go dancing, etc.

There are many videos and meditations out there. This one is interesting.

Affirmations for the solar plexus chakra:

  • "I am powerful.”
  • "I am allowed to be authentic.”
  • "I like who I am."
  • “I surrender.”
  • “Assertiveness and healthy boundaries are easily expressed in my life.”
  • "I trust my mind and the choices I make.”

If you find any resistance to those affirmations, that is also a good indication that your solar plexus chakra is blocked. Dig in and find out why you are resistant and what you are telling yourself instead.

Happy Balancing. Book an appointment below if you need further assistance with balancing your energy.