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Leanne Holitza is an Intuitive healer working with your energy and thoughts to align you with your highest potential. Allowing you to experience more of what you already have, making room for more.  This site offers help with all areas of life through individual sessions, classes, yoga sessions, and more. My expertise also includes working with intuitive children. 

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Just have a little fun, would ya?!

If you are struggling to find fun and play in your life, just ask the universe for a little help to bring more play into your day. Then just start to notice... and don't say no to any opportunity to have fun. Once you ask, the universe will present you with fun. Trust me on this. You just have to accept it. 

Trust me, people like you more when you have "me" time. So when you start to put it out there to have more fun, the universe (and your loved ones) will conspire to help. They may not know it at first, but you just have to show them how much more fun you will be when you get to remember what fun is.

Be willing to fail at it too and see what happens. For example, maybe you want to try dancing, but you think you are a horrible dancer. Give it a try a couple times, if you are a horrible dancer and you have a terrible time, then quit and find something else. If you are a horrible dancer but you loved it, who cares what people think and do it anyway!

Make it your goal this week to have more fun and see what happens next!

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Two sides to every story

Being a mother of two square pegs that down right refuse to be put into round holes, I have had my fair share of struggles with the school system. As a mom it has required me to stay grounded in my truth. As a healer, it has tested my limits of compassion and understanding.


Our perspective in the world is very personal. Our filters of how we view a situation involves a complex brew of our past, our beliefs, our programs and our position in the situation. 

Where we sometimes get hung up is when we need to convince others to see our side as the only truth. But one person's experience does not have to invalidate your own. Each experience is its own and it isn't a requirement that the whole world have the same experiences as us to have our experience be true.

Two Sides To Every Story

Taking this a step further, in order to heal ourselves sometimes it is helpful to see truth in the other side of the story. You probably won't be able to see the other person's truth 100% because you are still using your filter, however, a compassionate view into the other side can offer a healing to you as well.

In my case, I might being inquiring into myself about what a teacher's story could possibly be. I do this while at the same time, hold space for my truth as well.

I can have compassion for the teacher who has a full class, with several children who have special needs, one of which loves to debate every rule and issue with a passive aggressive behavior that he has down to a science (that's mine.) Learning not to take that teacher's perspective personally is also a huge gift.

Looking at the other side of the story while holding space for our truth with compassion. Our side being that our child is very intelligent and has a very unique and useful personality. If he is guided in the right direction his talents for bucking status quo can take us all to a new level. 

Victim Energy

When you are doing this two sided work you are likely hanging onto the other side's perspective as a personal attack of some sort. You might even feel that there was a violation against you, at no fault of your own. Hanging on to these things isn't going to help you feel lighter, more connected and ready for the next thing. It will leave you feeling gun shy, bitter and resentful.

Release the victim before you inquire into the other side. Watch out for your need to defend your view point and make the other person wrong as you look. 

Reflection questions:

  • What is happening here really?
  • Why do you care what this person has done?
  • What does it matter?
  • Is it over and done with? If so, can you move on and forgive and forget? Why not? 
  • What parts of you feel wounded?
  • What feelings do you feel? Do you feel hurt? Angry? Betrayed?

In my situation my mothering is questioned when my children won't fit into the expectations of the school. That hits me to the core and I want to prove is wrong, no matter what. But here is the catch, I don't have to prove it wrong!

I am a wonderful mother to my children. I know this and do my best with them every day.  But I had to heal this part of myself, realizing that some part of me must have wondered if she was right. Otherwise, why would I care?

The other thing that pokes me to the core is a perception that teachers believe that my children are "bad" in some way. Again, I want to prove that wrong. This is more about me wanting to see the world accept my unique child without question. I so badly want the world to accept me too. Again, perfect place to work on healing myself.  By looking at this I can allowing both my children and I to accept ourselves as we are, rather than trying to convince the world to accept us. Teaching them to love themselves first, then listen to the input of others.

Your turn

Take a step back from your head on a situation your are struggling with. Use this moment in your life as ways to heal yourself and look into things further, rather than injure yourself through painful lenses of hurt and victimization.

Love yourself for bringing these scenarios into your life to teach you what you want to learn as a spirit. Embrace them, rather than be victimized by them. Use both sides of the story to bring you clarity and safety to explore the truths that are trying to shine through.

Sending unconditional love and light your way this week.

My Book Is Here!

I have been so busy that I haven't had time to blog about my news!  I have published a book! Insightful Inspirations, conversation starters with your authentic self. This book is a compilation of blogs, work with others and just general wisdom I have recieved. It is designed to be held in your hand, holding a question in your mind and then open it up to some perspective. I hope to have a card deck that goes with it one day. The artist who did my cover, Stephanie Ingraham with Siyo, will be doing that artwork.

I have to admit that I was pretty nervous to put this book out. Even though I have had it written for over two years, there is just so much exposure with putting this out. I have already found one typo, despite having several proofs and am not sure I like how it printed with the questions on the back of the page. But the gift of this experience is that it is a perfect healing opportunity for my perfection issues! It doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. That is the amazing gift I will find here, how to just trust and accept my imperfections.

On the flip side, I am even more worried it will do well! :) Fear of success I guess. But part of me worries that I won't have time and won't appreciate the exposure. Again, another amazing opportunity to face my fears and heal. I am catching myself saying "It is just a little book" or "Yeah, no big deal". Wow, who knew I would have such a hard time embracing my accomplishment! I am releasing this issue as well and look forward to whatever this brings.

I have been using the book on my own since I received it and I have to say, I love having it in a format I can hold in my hand. It is so much fun to use! (If I do say so myself.) So I hope you all will take a moment to check it out and find as much value out of it as I do.

Insightful Inspiration

What have you delayed putting out into the world because you are afraid of having it fail? Or maybe you are afraid of it suceeding! What is the worst that can happen? What is the best that can happen? Is it worth the risk?

If you have already faced something like this, share with us. We can all learn from you.

The challenges of success

I was listening to  Ted talk by Bill Ford and it got me thinking about the idea of accomplishing what you set out to do. In his talk, he is addressing some of the problems the invention of the car has brought onto the planet. Things are never "done" nothing is ever "perfect" and honestly, sometimes (often) getting what we want creates new problems to address. Bill Ford refers to the need to have "leap thinking" in place for some of the issues around cars. We can't solve some of these issues by just thowing more of the same at it, we have to leap ahead and think of something new. Lets apply this back to your life on a one to one basis. Lets say you set out to get a job. It takes you awhile (given the current conditions) and once you do, you couldn't be happier. Problem solved, right? Wrong, a whole new set of problems arise from having a job. How are you going to schedule in the other things that are needed to be done, how are you going to get your kids where they need to be, where are you going to find the time and money to get the wardrobe you need, etc. The problems created by having the job, could be as many as not. However, you are more willing to deal with those problems because the rewards are there too. It also might be in need of this "leap thinking" that Mr. Ford refers to. You might need to take a whole new approach to how you look at it.

Here is one idea, change the way you think about your challenges. The whole thing is not about solving all of your problems. It is about challenging yourself daily, which happens naturally if you let it, and relishing in the joy of the challenge, not cursing it. It is about taking on the challenges as they come, knowing they are all part of what you wanted to begin with. Going back, it is all part of being able to go where every you want quickly to have issues with roads, traffic, exhaust, etc. Your trade off. What you are always checking in with is, are my trade offs in balance?  (i.e. the world we live in is too sick to sustain us, but we can drive around it) Don't go to sleep about your choices. It is all your choice. You may not think it is, but it is.

If you are succssful, you will have more challenges, this is on purpose. This is part of your growth! Embrace it! When you feel overwhelmed with the challenges you face, come back to it. Trust me it will wait for you and if you address this one, there is always another waiting. Go at these things only when you can with a clear head, a happy heart and an enthusiastic spirit. Otherwise... take a nap and return when you can be there.

Insightful Inspirations of the week

Take this week to reflect on what you perceive to be your latest successes and relate them back to your challenges. See the beauty of them working to bring your balance in your life.  You don't have to know all of the challenges on the other side of accomplishing your goals, in fact there is no way to know until you get there, but the point is, you can go at it, knowing you have the strength and endurance required for the journey. Don't ask "why me?" Use those moments of feeling overwhelmed with challenges, to remind you of your trade offs and where you might want to make adjustments. Have fun!

Why am I surrounded by idiots?

People spend a lot of time in my office asking me "Why do I keep attracting this?!" The interesting part of the law of attraction, etc. is that the more we ask that question, the more opportunities we have to answer it. We attract more and more of the things we find so irritating, until we figure out why it is we find it irritating to begin with. This is a difficult concept for people to get when it comes to the teachings of "the Secret", etc. They want to believe they are a victim of their life, maybe because it is easier than taking full responsibility, maybe because they don't know where to start if they have to think they are in 100% control, or maybe it has something to do with fitting it. What ever the reason people want to reject this idea, is the very reason they Key having these experiences.

Here is an example, one of my clients asks me "Why am I surrounded by idiots? Why is everyone in my world clueless and self absorbed?" This very question is kind of like raising your hand in class. You teacher is going to demonstrate your question, so you get your answer. How do they demonstrate it? Not by giving you the opposite of what you asked, but by giving you a closer look at what you asked, in other words, bringing you more clueless idiots in your life so you can figure out why you are attracting it.

A better question might be simply to ask "Why can't I surround myself with aware, informed people who are capable of thinking beyond themselves?" At lease it is bringing in the subject you truly want. However, it may take a few more idiots to get your attention in order for you to make the shift to attract what you desire.

In other words, the more you ask why you are having a certain experience, the more of those experiences you attract. It is similar said than done, because people ARE their beliefs and it is often hard for them to suddenly see themselves surrounded by a different type of person, when they are so use to be surrounded by what they typically see. That is the other part of the equation I have talked about so much on my blog. That part that says "I want this, but I don't believe I can have it." That part of you that rejects the people you want to attract because you don't believe it can truly exist.

Here is another example. I have a client who has asked for more people who "get" what she is into regarding energy work. Then she attracts those types of people, but she continuously rejects them because she doesn't believe they are truly the ones she has asked for and still must have the "old agenda" even though they say they don't. Her belief system is fighting with her law of attraction. This happens ALL the time. This may sound ridiculous to you, but I bet if you have done any of this law of attraction work and you see yourself not getting what you think you want. It is because you don't 100% believe it can be possessed.

Insightful Inspiration for the week

Use the question "How come this keeps happening to me?" in a different way. Instead of asking from a pity me space, asked if from a classroom space of true curiosity. Ask yourself  that question honestly and opening and see what answers come to you. You will get your answers. Some of them may be answers you don't want to hear, but you have to be willing to hear it. For example maybe you are attracting less intelligent people in your space because you have the desire to feel superior intellectually. You like being the "smartest" and being able to look around and not see anyone comparing to you. You might even like complaining about it. {gasp} :) Never the less, you can make a shift if you want to if you let go of the benefits this thing is secretly providing. Give it a shot!

Sympathy, Empathy and all things in between

My 10 year old son called me from school this week to tell me that he cut his face on the playground. I asked him if his glasses were broken... no... I asked if he need to come home or go to the doctor... no... So then I gave him what he really called for, which was mommy sympathy. :) I didn't feel the pain for him, or cry for him that it happened. (Empathy) I just told him I was sorry that happened and asked him how he was and gave him my love. (Sympathy) As you are out in the world engaging with people, it is important to know how to tell the difference between compassion, sympathy, empathy and all things in between.

Empathy is rarely helpful, although many of us are empaths and, without trying, feel what the other people are feeling. The reason empathy is not helpful is because it just drags you down into what that person is feeling and offers no help, guidance, love or support. I like to refer to this as getting into the mud with someone to try and get them clean. Now you both are dirty and you are getting nowhere.

Sympathy can be helpful and often times it is all we really want when we tell our stories. When we complain about work, family, friends, etc. We aren't saying "fix this for me" we are simply saying "listen and sympathize". Yes, on a soul level you are choosing this experience, but at the same time, sometimes our choices suck. :) This is often where relationships get strained. One person says "they never listen", mainly because they rarely sympathize. Often times we are trying to offer advice or fix someone, when all they want it an ear.

Compassion can be a tricky one. We use compassion in a variety of ways. We can have compassion for the Tsunami victims in Japan. We can have compassion for our dying grandmother. We can even have compassion for our children, when they are struggling with the oh so common social issues. But what is compassion really?

 Wikipedia says "Compassion (from Latin: "co-suffering") is a virtue —one in which the emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy (for the suffering of others) are regarded as a part of love itself, and a cornerstone of greater social interconnectedness and humanism —foundational to the highest principles in philosophy, society, and personhood." I have blogged about compassion many times as I see it as a critical part to our human exisitance, experience and spiritual growth.

But quite honestly, I see it differently than the latin word of co-suffering. I see it as being able to understand someone on a deeper level and to not condone their actions, but understand how they are feeling anyway. You don't condone a murderer, but after learning about his abusive childhood, you might gain some compassion for him as a damaged individual who had no other skill. I see compassion as the ability to see each other as connected, human and flawless in our flaws in our wisdom of "oneness".

Insightful Inspiration of the week

Check in with your interactions this week. See yourself from the perspective of these concepts. Are there any adjustments you want to make in your interactions? Play around with it, see what you can and can not offer out easily. Maybe it is hard for you not to try and "fix". Maybe it is hard for you not to empathize and suffer with others. Make note of where you are and point yourself in the direction you want to be. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and experiences.

Knight Rider Mind

Would you let your car tell you where to go, what to do, or how to be? Of course not! Even if your car was equipped with an artificial intelligence system like the show Knight Rider, you wouldn't let the car run your life! This is basically what we do with our minds. Our thoughts are just part of who we are, yet we let our thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, run our lives. We are driven by our minds on everything from what to wear for the day to what careers we should get into. Even when we start to awaken to something more, we crave information and understanding so that the mind can digest the concept of "awake" and "enlightened". But enlightenment is so much more than just knowing something about the spirit. It the experience of spirit.

Here is where this goes wrong. Your mind is just a tool for you while you are here. When you die, you are not your mind. When you were a baby, you thoughts were still developing, yet you were still you. So although the thought gurus of the metaphysical world, like Louise Hay, says "change your thoughts and change your life"" and this is VERY true, it is also about going beyond the mind completely in order to reconnect with the bigger sense of you.

When you are able to contemplate on all that makes up who you are and what you are doing here, the message becomes much clearer than just your thoughts. The universe responds to this question with experiences that help you unlock your deeper sense of self.

Insightful Inspiration of the week

You are so much bigger than your thoughts. Live you life beyond what you are thinking. Incorporate it into everything else you are experiencing emotions, spirit, sensations, etc. Ask for help from the universe or your God to show you who you really are, beyond your thoughts. Then see what unfolds in your life. Reconnecting with your spirit means shedding the shackles of the illusions that you are only your mind and body and opens you up to the endless possibilities that are already available to you.

Spend some time doing something that helps you quite your mind and see what other parts of yourself shine through.

Learn your lesson already!

This topic is by request. If you would like to request a topic feel free to post it to my facebook page or send me an email at I have often been found saying that you don't have to learn your lessons the hard way, you choose to. This doesn't mean that some bad things don't just happen. But for the most part, the struggles that arrive in our life, especially with other people, often carry a message you have agreed to learn. I believe we agree to teach each other things about the way things work and often times to agree to be pretty hard on us until we do learn it. It is the concept that the message is first whispered, then it is said loudly and finally a ton of bricks are dropped on your head and it is screamed into your ear.

We often dismiss the whispers. Why? Well, it can be for a variety of reasons, but mostly because we are stuck in one way of being. Until we are ready to adopt a new way of being, we tend to try and stick with our standard plans. When something comes along and knocks us off of our axis, we tend to throw our arms up and say "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!" and finally listen to the answer. Not always though... we might try and still cling to the old way of being, making it even harder on ourselves and daring the universe to knock us over again and undoubtedly it will.

So the question for this blog is really, how do I know what lessons I am trying to learn before I get knocked off my axis? (Correct me if I have the question wrong, but this is the question I am answering.) I don't have an easy answer for you, but I can give you a few tips as your insightful inspiration for the week.

Sometimes however, you just have to experience what you are experiencing (rather than avoid it) in order to learn your lesson. Sometimes even knowing the lesson doesn't teach it to you. It is like telling a child the basic concept of multiplication and then saying go do it, including the entire range of numbers large and small. It is difficult to tell you in a blog how to address this fully and completely because life is the school. But I can give you a place to start so that you can be more aware in your lessons rather than being victimized by them. Use my suggestions as a place to start and then build your own list.

First and formost, go EASY on yourself. You can't expect a baby to know all about the world just becuase they are in it. It takes experiences and perceptions and the ability to self reflect to get the picture and even that isn't the full picture. If you are trying to learn a lesson to avoid the consequences of what you think is coming, you might be missing the point. You aren't learning the lesson, you are trying to manipulate the lesson. :)

Insightful Inspiration of the week 

If you are struggling with something right now that you can't quite understand the meaning of, you might be up against a major soul lesson. This is where being present really counts. Because if you are bringing in the past, present and future hypothetical into this issue, you could be clouding the lesson.

First, remember you can ask for help. Guides, Angles, God... what ever you pray to, they listen and they help. So send your love to your higher source (or yourself if you can't quite get beyond yourself right now) and ask for help. Ask for clarity, understanding and the grace to accept the lesson.  Then listen for the answer. Notice the world around you and see what messages are trying to come through. Trust that these are your answers, regardless of the form they take. 

Second, anchor yourself in NOW. This is where the lesson is being presented. Don't project into the future about the what ifs. Look at what is happening right now. Also notice what is NOT happening right now. Be present with your fears, feelings and thoughts. They are your road map to what you are trying to heal. If you are afraid, ask why. Drill in, find out where this fear is rooted in and allow yourself to ask "is this really happening or do I just think it might happen."

Third, give yourself compassion. You are not going to always know right away why you did something. You may have to just trust that the clarity will come later and right now, you just need to be present to see when the messages come. Beating yourself up for not knowing or being in the situation to begin with only drives the pain and hurt deeper and gives you more to do later.

Finally, don't rush through it. Don't make irrational choices just to hurry up and make something happen. People often try to get out of uncomfortable feelings by rushing through things or asking everyone they know for advice so they can say they "tried" to do the "right" thing. Remind yourself that this too shall pass and ride the wave the best you can.

Does the world know you are into metaphysics?!

This week I had a client ask me about how to work through the fear being projected on her from the outside world about her new methods of embracing metaphysics. It is always a funny concept to me because we often think of our new ideas as strange and unaccetable to the rest of the world. Would you apologize if you were getting more involved in reading the bible or starting a new career? Maybe, if you had a block to it before and it feel strange and unlike the old you. But that is the point isn't it? Not to be the old you, running in circles TRYING to find what makes you happy. You have found a catch and you are going with it. No apologies necessary. Not only that but the people that are around you may reflect the old you that you are shedding. This either means you need new friends or the friends you have will grow with you (not always at the same pace, so be patient). What is doesn't mean is that there is something wrong with you.

If you are establishing new relationships, be it friends or lovers, now is the time to start fresh with the growth. Tell them who you are at this point and time, not who you think they want you to be. That was the old you. The new you is proud of who you are and what you are up to. You don't want to create even more relationships rooted in the false you. It is time to root yourself in YOUR image of you and let the rest of the world take it or leave it. Trust me, there are plenty of people who will gladly take it. It is your gift to give!

Insightful Inspirations of the week

If you feel you aren't safe to fully express who you are, why? What is the worst case scenario? How likely is that scenario? Do you think the real you is unlovable? Do you think the world can't handle the truth of you? What about the concept that the world has a hard time handling all the images you try to pretend are you? The illusions you are projecting of yourself block you off to the fullfillment you want. You can't live the life you want to live if you won't be present to live it. Work with yourself on being more authentic in every situation and make note where you can't. Whether it be a new endevor or something you are just holding onto for a lifetime, work on letting it out. You will be surprised in the gifts it brings.

Your Diving Board - Past, Present and Future = NOW

I often get my messages in metaphors that relate to my life in some way. It is so I can interpret the language of the cosmos into a way that can be (somewhat) understood. Our ability to perceive the vastness of this information is limited by our own systems, perceptions, etc. But I feel what ever is needed will come through, regardless. That being said, I am going to share my personal message I received this week. I often have long, in depth conversations in my sleep (it is challenging to by my husband and sleep next to me :) ). This one came in  my sleep by I requested to remember it so I can share it with you.

I was shown a diving board as my spring board into the next place I want to go into my life. It was balanced, springy, and ready to launch me. Then it was explained that this was a metaphor for being weighed down by either past, present or future. I am always striving to be in the present moment, but what that mean is a combination of my past experiences, my current experience and my thoughts on the future. Not just the present.

The back of the diving board represents the past. If it is balanced, it provides support for the board and allows it to extend out over the water. If it out of balance the board may fall over or prevent the board itself to be springy.

The board itself is the future. If we are stretching ourselves too far out into the future with our worries and concerns, the board is very long and we could walk down it forever before we get to the end, and most likely won't be able to be supported by the past and present.

The end of the board is your present, your launching off spot. If you are in the past, you are still on the steps, if you are walking down the board you are focused on the future.

I hope this is making as much sense to you as it did to me. :)

Bottom line, the past has made you who you are and adds value to your moment, but isn't something to focus on. The future is out there and you can make goals, but give yourself places to jump off from rather than keep extending your board to a place impossible to reach. Then...get ready to JUMP!

Insightful Inspiration for the week

Use this metaphor to examine your own life. Is your diving board in balance? Are you able to use your past to support you rather than hinder you? Are you able to give yourself places to jump off rather than constantly push your thoughts into the "what ifs" of the future? How can you bring yourself into balance and prepare yourself for the next leap? Remember, you can always go for a swim, get out and do it again for the next experience.

Have a nice swim! We are all still learning so let yourself have a break from the "perfect".

What can't you live without?

So just take a moment and think about what you really need. Ask yourself the question twice. Do I REALLY NEED this or do I just want it? It is okay to just want something, but when you take the NEED part out, it gives it more freedom. More room to grow, rather than having you hold on to it so tight you won't let it do anything. Freedom comes when we are no longer afraid of loosing those things that we THINK we need and realize that we always have what we need and always will. Then look at all the great stuff we WANT to have, that we do have! This is a place of gratitude, but also a place of letting go.

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Comparing yourself to the world?

One of the biggest blocks to our happiness is comparing ourselves to others, or worse yet, comparing our children to others. When we compare ourselves to others we are expecting ourselves to have the same experience as someone else... which is impossible! No one has had the same experiences, with the same personality, the same way, ever. So why do we try and do this.  Comparing ourselves to others generally makes us unhappy. It creates a sense of separateness from other people that is competitive and restrictive. 

For example, lets say you are comparing your level of fitness to someone else down the street. You either wish you were as fit as them or maybe you are judging them for not being as fit as you. Either way, you have now created a gap between you and that other person that doesn't allow you to connect. Connecting to others is what heals us, makes us grateful for our lives and teaches us about diversity. Why would be want to block that off?

This is just one example, there are so many ways we compare ourselves to others. Sometimes it is to make us feel okay. "Well she drinks like a fish, so I am not even that bad." This may not create a gap with connection in the same way, but it creates a block. It connects us to a part of ourselves that we are afraid to let go of and we are trying to justify. For example, maybe you want more time with your husband or wife but you see you get more time than other people do with your spouse, so you shouldn't complain. This is a block to asking for what you need, which in turn, does create a block. 

This nature to compare ourselves to each other also can lead to violence, distrust, and fear of being judged. 

So, take a moment and notice where you might be comparing yourself to someone else. Maybe it is something simple or your whole life, but either way, notice what it is doing to your sense of center and self. See if you can just be okay with where you are and where they are, embracing the difference. 

Wishing you a compassionate week.

Be efficient - do nothing

As I read for other people... and observe myself from a place of neutrality, I realize that all of us try and run out of uncomfortable situations. The way I see it, it is kind of like quick sand when we do that. The more we struggle to get out, the faster we go down... down... down. If we just rest in the lesson, we learn it faster and move on.

If we can't experience the moment we are in, struggling to get free from it is not going to help. In fact, it engages the "what you resist, persists" factor. So normally I try and give you something to ponder on... this too can be a form of resisting.

This week, my inspiration is not to think about something, but just to be with yourself and NOT think about something. Try not to think about growing, changing, exploring, developing and just be with yourself, where you are right now.

You are perfect just the way you are! Good luck. As always, I encourage you to comment.

Routines ... slave or master?

jackwashingupAs I continue to explore the world as I understand it and question all of it as I go along, I am questioning routines this week. I suppose it could be a little annoying to live with me, because I am always asking questions and TRYING to never be set in my own ideas so much that I can't hear another's.

One thing that I am looking at this week, as I have a newly full time stay-at-home mother role (previously had my littlest in full time preschool and my oldest is in school) and a husband out of town, I realized what a gift it was to be broken out of my routine. OH... and in an effort to better nurture my body, cutting out coffee, to top it off! My oldest didn't have school one day this week and than had the stomach flu (that promptly cleared as the sun rose in the morning). This was all, clearly NOT routine. So how did I handle it? How did my kids handle it? For the most part, well. But I am observing how most of it is just part of a desire to keep what I like going in life and avoid the rest. One might even call this focusing on the best practices and continuous improvement on our own lives. 

However, at some point it COULD turn us into a ball of blocked energy, keeping us from new experiences. Depending on what we do with our routines, it could keep us from those new experiences that create that synchronicity that makes our life magical. If we resist breaking out of routines that is.

As my week unfolded, I discovered my second child is a huge blabber mouth when his brother isn't there to do it for him (as is their mother). I learned that I CAN have fun with my kids without an agenda. I learned that sitting at a desk job is making me tired and out of shape. I learned that I am not just WHO I play as a role in my life, but so much more of a soul essence that is flexible and open to life and loves every minute of it. I needed a reminder, by breaking out of routine.

So I guess what I am saying is... the way I see it, there is nothing wrong with routines, unless you cling to them and can't even break away from them. And many of us do cling to our routines like that.

Insightful Inspiration for the week

My inspiration for you this week is to take a look at your routines. Could you give them up? What happens if you can't follow them due unforeseen circumstances? How do you let them dictate your life? Are you doing it out of enjoyment or desperation to make sure you are safe and secure with what you "know"? Notice are you the master of your routines or the slave? What do you want to be?

Have a spontaneous week! 

Competition - is it motivating you or taking you off track?

We all want to be acknowledged as important, special, gifted, etc. in this world. We all want to feel like we stand out from the crowd. But is is possible for us all to stand out? My answer to this is yes, if you follow your gift. If you are trying to be something you are not, chances are, you will just be average. If you follow your heart and life's purpose, the universe is designed to make you shine.

This is similar to the law of attraction. But take this a step further. What if, there WAS something you were suppose to be doing in this life? What is you are meant to be the shining star in some respect? It is true... each and every one of us, has a unique gift to offer.

As I read for people, I see that people struggle to be "good enough" because they feel they are competing against someone else for it. Writing a book, being a singer, etc. Then they tailor their gift to compete against this other person. Which in turn, turns them off of their gift and causes them to fail. What if we just offer ourselves and our gifts out there, without looking back at who is following and without chasing someone else?

I think you are going to find when you do this, things are easier, things flow quicker, and you are just happier.

Now I have a Masters degree in Business Marketing and have worked in IT for years, so I understand the need to track your competition, keep an eye on your market share, etc. But sometimes that is all we do and we loose track of what we wanted to do in the first place.

My inspiration for you this week is to see where you are in competition and notice how that could be holding you back. Also notice if it does motivate you... and see what that means for you as well. Then for just this week, try and do things without competition energy behind it. Just do it for the fun of doing it. For the sake of putting yourself out there. Not to beat someone else, but just to prove to yourself you can.

I would love to hear some feedback on how this worked. Let me know!

Mirror, Mirror what do I need to learn today?

Have you ever noticed how much time you spend trying to convince someone of something you believe in?  For example, your political views or perhaps you describe in detail how you came to a big decision. Maybe you are trying to explain to someone how you are doing "well" or spend time describing how something came about for the "better". Maybe you are just telling someone how they could lead a better life by allowing themselves to shine from underneath their self consciousness. It is as if we are trying to convince someone else of what we think, so they can turn around and confirm it for us. If they can't confirm it for us, we continue to struggle to explain, convince, describe, etc. in order to get them to see our way. Why can't we just be confident enough in ourselves not to have to explain our actions or describe our decision making process?

This goes beyond just trying to get someone to believe in what you do. Have you ever gone around telling everyone how "fine" you are despite something major happening to you? For example, if you lost your job and you tell everyone around you it is for the best, it will work out in the end, or you are excited for the new opportunities. Maybe you had a miscarriage and you tell people you can try again, or it wasn't meant to be. It is as if we are talking to ourselves too. Trying to convince ourselves that what we are saying IS what we believe or better yet, that if we tell the person in front of us, they will mirror back what we need (that they agree we will be better off, etc.) and that will in turn make us feel better. 

My inspiration for you this week is to notice where you are telling others things, you too, need to hear. Then try and tell yourself them more often. If you find yourself telling someone else who lost their job it is for the better, also notice where you might need that same reality (even if you still have a job and are just nervous you will loose it). If you find yourself telling someone to be themselves and not worry about what other people think... tell yourself that too. Our world is a reflection of ourselves and if we take notice, we can create a very healing experience that brings us back to being who we were meant to be. Have fun seeing your reflection!

What are you clinging to?

I am going through, yet another, major transition. I have blogged about letting go of things and just noticing and just being... but the test comes when big, unexpected changes come. I am finding myself having to remind myself not to resist the change, or go forward with fear.  How much do you cling to what is being let go of? Do you try and make things work in a bad relationship no matter what? Do you keep jobs that you hate just because you think you need the pay? Do you keep socks with hole in them, because they still do 90% of the job? LOL To let go of those things, makes room for the next great thing to come in. If we cling, it clogs up the system and then we have nothing of what we want, only a bunch of holes in our socks!  When a major end comes up unexpected, do you freak out and try and keep the end from coming? Or do you embrace it and let it go?  There is so much freedom that can be felt from loosing things. A job, a house, a relationship... notice what can be gained from the new freedom. Notice what the universe is trying to tell you? It is all just stuff, it isn't WHO you are or WHAT you are... it is just part of the illusion.  My inspiration for you this week is just look at what you are clinging on to that wants to end in your life? It could be as simple as throwing out the old sweater you loved so much or it could be a relationship you know is done, but you can't end. What is it for you? How can it bring you freedom to let it go? Can you let yourself have that freedom? Why not? What are you afraid of?

Love to you all.